About Nearly Coherent

Nearly Coherent started with a simple idea: What if two guys who were total whores for the sound of their own voices sat down in front of a microphone and spoke about whatever came to mind?

What? We never said it was an original idea.
Jeff (left) and eD! (right) were having a lovely conversation until Dave (annoyingly happy in the middle) showed up.
Jeff, left, and eD!, right, were having a lovely conversation before Dave, jackass in the middle, showed up. This also serves as a recap of most episodes, honestly.

Every week, eD! and Jeff, occasionally joined by their producer, Dave, sit down to talk about whatever nonsense they have running around in their brains, ranging from “weird personal crap” to “stupid-ass news” to “shit no one cares about but we’re going to do our best to make it interesting, dammit!”.

Sure, it sounds stupid when we write it out, but we (usually) make it work.

If you’d like to contact these self-indulgent sluts, you can do so through our very magical contact form, or through Twitter or Facebook. Give us a follow and/or like while you’re there, too, because we’re needy.


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