Latest Episode:

087: Regards, the Papoose

eD!, Jeff, and Val talk about iPads, Die Hard, and dead relatives watching over you.

Recent Episodes:

086: The Ol’ Palm Pilot - eD!, Jeff, and Val discuss weird translations.
085: Medical Marvel - eD!, Jeff, Dave and Val talk about the happenings at the Apple Event, some Juggalo feuding, and we finally solve the mystery of where Dave’s been all this time.
084: The Nightmare’s Over - eD! and Jeff discuss winning the Mega Millions, which, spoiler, they do not.
083: Never-Ending Lack of Regret - eD! and Jeff discuss the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden. And other things. But frankly eD! was too full of pasta to remember anything else that happened so you’ll have to listen to see what happened.