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Nearly Coherent

eD! and Jeff discuss quick ways for eD! to escape this mortal coil should things come to that, frustrations with Duolingo, and maybe some other stuff that they’ll both spend a ton of money on, what the heck you know why you’re here.

Cartoon Jeff and eD! in front of cartoon Dave.

  • Room-Temperature WWDC Takes

    Just some Apple Sluts talking about some Apple things.

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  • None Like It Hot

    The only podcast brave enough to spoil the 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell movie “Overboard” without warning ’cause we’re the bad boys of the internet.

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  • The Olean of Illness

    Were you looking for a podcast to bone to this Valentine’s Day? Look no further!

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  • A Nearly Coherent Thanksgiving

    eD! and Jeff talk about Thanksgiving food preferences, feelings on parades, weird eyebrows, eD!’s teeth, and all sorts of other crap!

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