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077: Preposition Trouble

eD! and Jeff are excited to now be the #1 podcast discussing gay frogs on Apple Podcasts. 077: Preposition TroubleNearly Coherent &nbsp   00:00 /… Listen Now!

076: The Ol’ Buzz-N-Tickle

eD!, Dave, and Val talk about dreams and psychological torture. 076: The Ol’ Buzz-N-TickleNearly Coherent &nbsp   00:00 / 00:41:36   1X   // @todo… Listen Now!

075: Everything Is Awful

eD! and Jeff talk about James Gunn, Chris Hardwick, and potentially disappointing thoughts on Batman if you can believe we get that far down the… Listen Now!

074: Live via Satellite

eD!, Jeff, and Dave discuss meetings and MacBooks. 074: Live via SatelliteNearly Coherent &nbsp   00:00 / 00:31:05   1X   // @todo _paq variable… Listen Now!

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