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105: Impossible

eD!, Dave, and Val talk about horrifying discoveries, a Dave’s News Corner that will haunt your dreams, and Val’s got a new favorite subreddit for everyone to visit.

Recent Episodes:

104: Two Week Old Thoughts- eD!, Jeff, and Val talk about a thing that eD! thought to mention after Apple’s event that he didn’t, so please pretend he said it then. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. They also talk about music and farts. This might be the most on-brand episode of all time, honestly
103: Nas-Tay Mannequins- eD!, Jeff, Dave, Val, and Val’s friends discuss space turds, freaky goings-on of mannequins, and we celebrate Dave’s birthday by telling the embarrassing story of Dave’s 21st birthday!
102: Self Service- eD!, Jeff, and Val discuss the latest Apple event!
101: Parenting Pro-Tips!- eD!, Jeff, and Dave talk new iPads, Captain Marvel, and the return of James Gunn to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!