Goodbye, 2017, You Idiot Dumpster Fire

Nearly Coherent Industries
Goodbye, 2017, You Idiot Dumpster Fire

In this last episode for 2017, Jeff goes full-on tin-foil-hat about Net Neutrality, hot gifts for the holidays based on a wide-ranging survey exclusive to Nearly Coherent, and Philips should give us free Hue systems for the amount of time we spend plugging their product.

Jeff puts on a tin-foil hat to ask about the conspiracy behind Net Neutrality! Exclusive polling done by Nearly Coherent about the hottest holiday gifts! Everyone wants Philips to give them free Hue bulbs since we plug them so hard this episode! And a shocking announcement that will rock you to your very core!*

  • Spoiler: It’s that we’re off for the next two weeks.