eD! and Jeff talk about everything that happened at the “Hi, Speed” Apple Event, and spend a moment mourning our bank accounts come November 6th.

They also answer all the burning questions you probably had after the event ended:

  • Will eD! and Jeff be buying a HomePod mini? (Yes, c’mon now.)
  • Did Apple do enough with the iPhone 12 to convince them to upgrade? (Yes, they announced it, the bar isn’t exactly high.)
  • Is eD! still bitter about the iPad mini not getting an update last month? (Not really, but he couldn’t think of another thing to ask in this description, and this was the first thing he thought of, so maybe?)

If you listen to only one podcast while mindlessly staring at the Apple Store app waiting for the pre-orders for the iPhone 12 to start, make it this one (and then re-evaluate your need to make really odd and specific boundaries for yourself)!