You were here for the proposal. You've heard about the planning. Now it's time to enjoy tales from the social event of the season: Dave and Lisa's wedding!

Nearly Coherent Industries

Right when this podcast got started, Dave, our producer and all-around dumb dumpster-fire of a friend, met Lisa, a woman whose only fault is that she decided to continue to date Dave this whole time, despite that she could do way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay better.

In 2019, Dave finally got his shit together and decided to ask Lisa to marry him. Despite our continued warnings about what sort of a terrible idea that’d be, Lisa accepted.

In 2021, despite the non-stop Get Out of Bad Choices Free cards the Universe gave her, Lisa and Dave got married, and eD! and Jeff are here to tell you all about it!

Also: eD! has a new M1 MacBook Pro! The secret petty history of the iPhone! And we spend so much time just shitting on Dave, it’s honestly a great time for us (although maybe not so much for Dave, but who cares tbh?).