Right when this podcast got started, Dave, our producer and all-around dumb dumpster-fire of a friend, met Lisa, a woman whose only fault is that she decided to continue to date Dave this whole time, despite that she could do way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay better.

In 2019, Dave finally got his shit together and decided to ask Lisa to marry him. Despite our continued warnings about what sort of a terrible idea that’d be, Lisa accepted.

In 2021, despite the non-stop Get Out of Bad Choices Free cards the Universe gave her, Lisa and Dave got married, and eD! and Jeff are here to tell you all about it!

Also: eD! has a new M1 MacBook Pro! The secret petty history of the iPhone! And we spend so much time just shitting on Dave, it’s honestly a great time for us (although maybe not so much for Dave, but who cares tbh?).

Episode Transcript (Unedited Robot Edition)

Jeff Ritter[0:00]

Sorry, I’m trying to get it to look like yours.

Oh, that did it. I didn’t see the “recording” at the bottom. I fucked up, my bad.

eD! Thomas [0:06]

Professional podcasting!

Jeff Ritter[0:09]

That’s how we start it off.

eD! Thomas [0:11]

Good start to the year.

Welcome to the Nearly Coherent podcast. I’m eD! and joining me, a man who is as beautiful as an Apple Silicon Mac that is sitting in front of me right now, that I just want to hold… cuddle… anyway! It’s my buddy Jeff.

Jeff, sorry, I want a little bit of a tangent about how good this computer is. I’m sorry.

Jeff Ritter[1:02]

Hey, that’s all right. I like what you compared me to. You compared me to quite possibly one of your… Well, not quite possibly. You compared me to one of your favorite things. I really can’t hate on that.

eD! Thomas [1:13]

Basically the only thing that could be better than that for you is being compared to Sunshine, my dog. And…

Jeff Ritter[1:19]

I said “one of.” Yeah, no, I knew it wasn’t your favorite.

eD! Thomas [1:22]

But you know, it’s like Sunshine, then you, then all my Apple crap. Then a very tiny step down, it’s like pizza, chicken parm. So it’s not as big a drop there.

Jeff Ritter[1:33]

Okay, listen, I don’t would not expect anyone to be higher. Anyone or thing, ,matter of fact, so I think you did it right. That’s a good list.

eD! Thomas [1:43]

Thank you. I spent days thinking of it.

Jeff Ritter[1:45]

So how are you doing, man? What’s going on?

eD! Thomas [1:47]

Well, I guess we should address the elephant in the room.

Jeff Ritter[1:50]

Well, there’s a couple, so I’ll let you pick as to which one is first.

eD! Thomas [1:54]

I’m all right. I actually left my house over the weekend.

Jeff Ritter[1:57]

Yes! Yes.

eD! Thomas [1:59]

I figured we’d get to the big elephant first.

Jeff Ritter[2:01]

Yeah, I think we should.

eD! Thomas [2:02]

Right out the gate.

Jeff Ritter[2:03]

Can I tell you something?

eD! Thomas [2:04]


Jeff Ritter[2:04]

I like how you made it about you right there. By the way. I don’t want that to go on unnoticed.

eD! Thomas [2:10]

Who else would it be about?

Jeff Ritter[2:11]

Well, why did you leave your house?

eD! Thomas [2:15]

Oh, ’cause Dave, our long standing producer and absolute idiot, got married to Lisa, who is his now-wife.

Jeff Ritter[2:25]

That’s his wife!

eD! Thomas [2:26]

And person who should have wisened up by now.

Jeff Ritter[2:29]

People said that there’s no way ’21 could be worse than ’20. We started off the year by Dave having a wife.

eD! Thomas [2:36]


Jeff Ritter[2:36]

That is… That is an atrocious start. That is like a football team. fumbling the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl right there. That’s horrific.

eD! Thomas [2:48]

Even I know that’s bad.

Jeff Ritter[2:49]

So yeah, so Dave got — I can’t even, it’s hard to even say it — Dave got married this past weekend.

So Ed was there in person.

eD! Thomas [3:01]

I was!

Jeff Ritter[3:02]

I watched it on the live stream. I’ve had some stuff going on, and I had COVID go through parts of my family. Thankfully, not myself or my kids here. But both of my parents had it, and it affected my father pretty badly. So I unfortunately was not able to attend in person. But I did watch on the live stream, which was a very, very cool idea.

eD! Thomas [3:26]


Jeff Ritter[3:26]

It was a shame that it was Dave’s, but it still was still was a very cool idea. So…

eD! Thomas [3:33]

Yeah, Dave was the one who claims that he thought about it and implemented it. I’m going to say for the purpose of the podcast, Lisa did it because I refuse to give Dave credit for anything good.

Jeff Ritter[3:44]

Yeah, he tried to pull that shit with me too. When I said it was a really good idea, and he told me that it was his? And I’m like, “it’s very convenient that you waited for me to say how good of an idea it was before you told me, and then you took credit.”

eD! Thomas [3:56]

It feels suspicious. So I’m gonna go with no, there’s no way in hell Dave came up with that.

Jeff Ritter[4:03]

Yeah, no, there’s no way.

First of all, I got text messages during the day from you. And I will tell you these text messages grew more and more and more incoherent, if you will. They never got fully… they were all, they were nearly coherent, each one less and less close to coherent though.

But they never got fully, I should say, in in fairness to you, they never got fully incoherent.

eD! Thomas [4:33]

And part of that is because I was wearing a mask a lot of the time except for when I was shoving food in my gaping maw, and therefore had to try to type in my passcode, and I have an alphanumeric passcode so I couldn’t get into my phone a lot. So the more incoherent things that you would have gotten were blocked by big dumb thumbs

Jeff Ritter[4:54]

Guy got saved. Got it?

eD! Thomas [4:55]

Yeah. So I should say Dave went all out on COVID safety. One of the door… I was gonna say door prizes, but that’s not right.

One of the door gift baggie-things was this dope hand sanitizer, there’s hand sanitizer stations everywhere. If you left your table, you had to have a mask. Everyone was masked. Everyone had to take a COVID test beforehand and bring the results with them. I put mine in a card.

Jeff Ritter[5:23]

That’s pretty funny.

Was there dancing?

eD! Thomas [5:26]

there was a little bit of dancing, but not much. Most of it was white person’s circle dancing. So like, you know, everybody kind of like separated and just like far away and just dragging people into the middle of the circle, like it’s “Step Up 2: The Streets”.

Jeff Ritter[5:40]

Like a hoedownish, almost.

eD! Thomas [5:42]

Very hoedownish!

Jeff Ritter[5:45]

I like that.

eD! Thomas [5:46]

Yeah, it was good. It was a good time. But I wanted to address one thing: Dave had said to me, sent me a text message like, a year ago, that he said I could read. I’d like to read it to you now, If I may, in regard to the wedding.

Jeff Ritter[6:02]

Yeah, go for it!

eD! Thomas [6:03]

Okay. Dave wrote to me:

“Today, Lisa went shopping for a wedding dress. She purchased one. Yay!”

I can confirm she did. She was wearing one.

Jeff Ritter[6:12]

You saw it. I saw it, too. Confirmed.

eD! Thomas [6:15]

“Obviously the deal is I’m not allowed to see it or know anything about it.”

And he spelled “allowed” wrong.

Jeff Ritter[6:19]

Did he spell it “aloud,” like when you read aloud?

eD! Thomas [6:22]

Uh huh, yeah, mm-hmm. He sure did.

Jeff Ritter[6:24]

He’s such an idiot.

eD! Thomas [6:26]

He really is!

“But I’m obviously anxious, so I begged and begged. And eventually, she gave in and showed me a picture of her in her least favorite wedding dress. She tried 10 on. I saw this picture and, for the first time, I realized how awful I’m going to look standing next to her in pictures. If a stranger looked at the picture, they would think, ‘Oh, beautiful bride, and incredibly weird, creepy dude.’

“I always knew when it came to looks like kicked out my coverage. But after seeing that picture, I’m pretty sure we are not the same species.”

Well, Jeff, having seen them together on their wedding day, and I don’t say this lightly: Dave was right.

My goodness.

Jeff Ritter[7:07]

Yes! So I, like I said, I watched the live stream of it. And there was, you know, multiple times where I’m like, this is this is not real. I mean, this is what is this like, a really, like, elaborate Make-a-Wish? Like, what is, how is this fucking possible? You know?

eD! Thomas [7:32]


Jeff Ritter[7:33]

I will say: on the Dave scale. Okay? On the Dave scale, he looked fantastic.

eD! Thomas [7:41]

Oh, yeah.

Jeff Ritter[7:42]

He looked fantastic for Dave.

eD! Thomas [7:46]

He was the Armie Hammer of Dave’s, but it was still a Dave.

Jeff Ritter[7:50]

Yes. Yes, absolutely. So I will give that up to him, though. You looked as best as you possibly could on your wedding day.

eD! Thomas [7:59]

But on the other hand, Dave could have looked the way that he did that day and Lisa could have come in in a trash bag looking like Pigpen from “Peanuts” cartoons, and she still would have made Dave look like three steps from the right on the evolution of man picture.

Jeff Ritter[8:16]

This is true. She looked spectacular. Yeah, but and I can’t believe I cannot believe that. I’m about to do this. Oh, I didn’t even ask you to edit this out after but I gotta say it Go ahead. For what he lacks in everything. Literally everything

eD! Thomas [8:34]

looks personality, intelligence.

Jeff Ritter[8:37]

Absolutely. What he lacks in all of those categories, except for luck. Apparently. He definitely made up for in his in his vows.

eD! Thomas [8:48]

Yeah, those were good vows.

Jeff Ritter[8:50]

He made up for it in his vows. I don’t know who wrote those for him. But they were really good.

eD! Thomas [8:57]

Yeah, apparently he wrote them himself. I was a little upset because I said that we you and I could have written his vows for him then it would have been really good. Yeah,

Jeff Ritter[9:03]

he did a nice job of telling him what to say. Let’s put it that way. Yes. Lisa wrote Dave’s vows and Dave’s vows were just I don’t I don’t even know maybe it’s because I think so little of him and I expect such little out of him that this like maybe they were just mediocre but on the Dave scale, it was like the I Have a Dream speech but like his vows were so good. They were like the resolution the third act of a really good rom com level of good Yeah, you know what I you know what I’m talking about? I do you know, I’m not talking about one of these Netflix made for holiday hunks of shit. I’m talking about like a real Hollywood movie rom com. He was like there with that. I was impressed.

eD! Thomas [9:48]

Honestly, the fact first of all that he can read is very impressive. Yeah, not a thing that I thought he had. Nope, and that he didn’t start crying in the middle of it as you know, the realization of just how lucky is that? Cuz shit he is

Jeff Ritter[10:00]

Yo, he really did. He made it through that whole thing. She was crying.

eD! Thomas [10:05]

Yeah, well, wouldn’t you if you’re meant to tie your life to Dave

Jeff Ritter[10:08]

forever? You know, so, damn it. That’s what I was thinking to. I was what I wanted to add, like, I really want the chance to ask her. If were you crying because, like you, you’re looking at Dave and you’re like, I mean, this is the best he’s ever gonna get. It’s only it’s just downhill from here with this fucking guy. Yeah, as soon

eD! Thomas [10:30]

as I sign this paper, I have to bet 50% of my stuff that I’m never gonna get tired of his stupid face. All right, so

Jeff Ritter[10:37]

I just know that he really did a good job. I was amazed at the vows and, and at the ceremony. I thought the ceremony was incredible. So as soon as the officiant started speaking, yeah, and the first word out of his mouth was mouth edge. Yeah, like my ears perked. Right up. I was like, Oh, this is gonna be good. Oh, my, this is good. Because I you know what they both. We all know that. Lisa has a great sense of humor. I mean, look at her choices in men, but I know that they both have really good sense of humors. But they did it. Where it was not like an IT WASN’T jokey. You know, right. It was like, I mean, could you know, could we have done better? Yes. Yeah, of course. But yeah, you know, but this I thought that the the officiant was a great choice. I thought he was funny. He definitely he really cared. He seems like he really cared about that, which is a

eD! Thomas [11:32]

very, very big difference between how we would have done it and how this guy did it.

Jeff Ritter[11:36]

Yeah. Cuz we only would have cared about her. Yeah, yeah. So and he, I definitely think he knows that. So but he really, it was heartfelt. It was good.

eD! Thomas [11:45]

So speaking of us officiating the ceremony, I had a dream like the Wednesday before that I got there. And they had both assumed that I was doing the officiating, and I had nothing ready. And I still nailed it in my dream, because, you know, let’s be honest here. If somebody’s gonna have to wing a wedding ceremony. If it’s not you, it’s going to be man, we’re, we’re fine.

Jeff Ritter[12:08]

Yeah, you could have you could have gone off. You could have gone off the dome for Dave’s wedding. Yeah, you know them, you know, you know them. Well, you would have known exactly what to say I have the utmost confidence that you would have done a great job.

eD! Thomas [12:21]

Part of me didn’t want to ask before the ceremony started, just to make sure that like, it was gonna happen. I wanted it to be organic. But I did ask them and as you know, there was somebody else doing it. I was kind of relieved but also kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to just go and just wing a beautiful ceremony.

Jeff Ritter[12:41]

You showed up like, ah, am I supposed to be doing this today? No, I don’t remember. Well, listen, maybe we can officiate that divorce. When I listen to this back, I’m like, God, you are horrible. But it’s just something about it just brings it out of me.

eD! Thomas [13:00]

Oh, yeah. Yeah. being mean to Dave is just about the nicest feeling you get.

Jeff Ritter[13:06]

Dave when you listen to this take note of the fact that the two most memorable things I said about your wedding was officiating your divorce and asking if you were to make a wish did I want to point that out to you one more time in case so you don’t have to rewind and go back? Like what did just say? It’s those two buddy

eD! Thomas [13:25]

but yeah, no is a great wedding. Good time. I’m glad Dave didn’t completely botch it like I was presuming he was gonna do something like shit his pants in the middle of the ceremony or something.

Jeff Ritter[13:35]

Yeah, and as far as we know, he didn’t he did a good job covering it up if he did, that’s the best I that’s the best compliment I think I’m gonna give him so I’m glad that you had a good time. Um, I think I’m more good that you had a good time then then that that either of them did nothing against Lisa except that I disagree with every live choice she’s made. So they’re off on they’re off on their their honeymoon and

eD! Thomas [14:01]

they are

Jeff Ritter[14:02]

Yeah, that’s great. Did they just go to another town in New Jersey? Yep.

eD! Thomas [14:05]

They went to the SAC which is what apparently they call Hackensack.

Jeff Ritter[14:12]

honeymoon in Hackensack? It sounds like a National Lampoon’s movie for the

eD! Thomas [14:16]

record. We should write that movie.

Jeff Ritter[14:18]

Yeah. honeymoon in Hackensack? You know Netflix would pick that up in a heartbeat. They would have you seen some of the atrocities on there?

eD! Thomas [14:26]

I watched most of these eurocities on there. Yes. As well as driving back I found out that they call Hackensack the SAC and uncomfortable also uncomfortable. There’s a street in. I think it was Paramus or Patterson I forget which one squirrel wood road.

Jeff Ritter[14:44]

That’s weird. That’s a stupid name.

eD! Thomas [14:45]

Yeah. Like hey, why don’t we have tree dwelling rodent Boehner Avenue? Just no.

Unknown Speaker 14:51

Don’t do that. So

Jeff Ritter[14:52]

stupid name. chipmunk hard on Boulevard. So you’re about to say when we were talking about there when we’re talking about their honeymoon. You’re about to say that they’re off to beautiful. And I cut St. Lucia. Oh, that’s Yeah, actually knew that now that you say it I knew that that’s where he was going. So hopefully I mean, you never know maybe show me demand my dreams when she’s there you never know we’ll see how it goes

eD! Thomas [15:17]

it’s gonna be a reverse Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jeff Ritter[15:20]

that what was that I forget there was another movie. I think it’s with Ben Stiller where him and his wife go on a honeymoon and his wife ends up leaving him for the scuba instructor on their honeymoon. It might have been like Along Came Polly or it was like one of those was one of those like, Ben still like throwaway nonsense movies that he made a couple of years there in between Zoolander and Zhu, Andrew to I guess, I don’t remember any of the movies that he’s made. Oh, the Meet the Parents movies. heartbreak, kid. That’s it. There you go. heartbreak kid.

eD! Thomas [15:55]

You are like a rambling IMDb and I love it.

Jeff Ritter[15:58]

Yeah, I just had to Jerry handy had to get what I was going. So can we change gears for a second? Do it. So the other elephant in the room literally in the room that you’re in? You mentioned you compared me to a device at the top of this episode?

eD! Thomas [16:17]

I did. It was not my greatest entry in the compliment.

Jeff Ritter[16:21]

Hold on a second. Whoa,

eD! Thomas [16:24]

I don’t want to hear negativity like that. I stumbled I stumbled over a little bit of it. And I feel bad. I felt bad the entire time we’ve been talking First of all,

Jeff Ritter[16:31]

I don’t want that negativity. He did a great job. Thank you. I loved it. But you brought something up, which was what the

eD! Thomas [16:37]

new Apple silicon MacBook Pro.

Jeff Ritter[16:40]

And I’m assuming you brought that up because it’s on your desk.

eD! Thomas [16:43]

It is sitting right in front of me

Unknown Speaker 16:45

just so beautiful.

Jeff Ritter[16:46]

So we’ve talked about them at the release. We are not the release. But you know what I mean?

eD! Thomas [16:53]

Yeah, we talked about them when they were announced. Right? We’ve talked about them ad infinitum. Because this is what we do. We make jokes about Dave. We talk about Apple stuff.

Jeff Ritter[17:02]

Yeah. Two simple guys are shitting on their friend Dave and talking about Apple stuff. That’s, that’s really it.

eD! Thomas [17:08]

Yeah. Once the things the others the stuff.

Jeff Ritter[17:10]

Now you’ve got now you’ve got it in hand. Have you put it through its paces at all?

eD! Thomas [17:16]

I got it at noon yesterday. Okay, so it’s been a little bit more than, like 36 hours. Okay, I may have done the math wrong on that. But let’s just pretend it was you close your clothes. I will say, as you know, with Intel Macs and I’ve had a ton of them, setting them up. Basically, you have to be plugged in the entire time, because you’re downloading shit all over the place. You’re setting up backups, you’re installing applications as a whole. It’s a pretty heavy process, you know, as it would be for any computer, right? I don’t care what operating system you’re running. It’s a it’s a pain in the ass. So I decided to set this up as a new computer. Because, you know, I like to live dangerously living on the edge. That’s how eD Thomas does it. So I finished up work at like 530 went downstairs hung out the dog continued to do stuffs to get the computer set up. 10 3011 o’clock rolls around. You’d figure if this was an Intel Mac, I would have had this thing yelling at me. Excuse me. The battery is now at negative. What the hell you think you’re doing? Well, it would have would have choked? Like I did just they’re trying to describe something they choked.

Jeff Ritter[18:25]

There you go.

eD! Thomas [18:26]

Picked it up in this computer. It started off at 100% at 530. I went to bed with it at 76% Wow. Yeah.

Jeff Ritter[18:35]

So in about what what time was that? You said that was about seven hours. But 530 to 11, five and a half hours. You went less than a quarter of the way to the battery and you were doing some pretty intensive work. Like this thing wasn’t sitting there. And this wasn’t sitting there hibernating. This was processing this thing was going

eD! Thomas [18:55]

it wasn’t like I was just sitting there going on safari and you know just sitting there clicking refresh on Facebook all day. I was downloading 200 gigs of stuff from iCloud and Dropbox and OneDrive because I have all of them because I’m a psychopath. You know setting up my backup to backblaze which is another network backup setting up my time machine to a time capsule which is another network based backup so it was doing a lot of stuff and it didn’t drain the battery quickly. It didn’t get hot. I have not heard the fans kick in on this at all. And you and I have never told you for a half hour in Google Chrome and nothing and nothing. Nothing the thing the bottom of it. It’s I’m just feeling a little bit of like room temperature at this point.

Jeff Ritter[19:42]

Meanwhile, the fans on my laptop have not turned off.

eD! Thomas [19:47]

Yeah, at all. I’m connected to the LG five K monitor. If I connected my 13 inch Intel computer to this instantly fans are on and it kind of chokes up a little bit. This has been Absolutely smooth the entire day.

Jeff Ritter[20:02]

Really? Yeah, that’s awesome.

eD! Thomas [20:04]

And part that really warms my heart. As you know, from 2015 to 2019 all of the MacBook Pros had a keyboard that would be generously described as a dumpster fire or a Dave

Jeff Ritter[20:20]

that matter of fact, they were described as the Dave of keyboards. Go back to the archives, you’ll see you will

eD! Thomas [20:25]

I this has the basically they went back to the pre 2015 keyboard and I’m no I’m not using an external keyboard anymore. I’m just typing on this thing with the screen right in front of me and then the bigger screen behind me and it’s opened up so much room on my desk. That is ridiculous. Really?

Jeff Ritter[20:43]

That’s awesome.

eD! Thomas [20:44]

Yeah. All right.

Jeff Ritter[20:45]

So any negatives?

eD! Thomas [20:46]

I wish they made a 16 inch version? Okay, just because I would love to see what I could do with that thing. And I’ll let you know how it handles editing podcast episodes. Cuz you know I’m opening up Logic Pro like 20 minutes after this is done. I’m gonna start doing stuff messing around. There you go. Yeah.

Jeff Ritter[21:06]

Did it come with Logic Pro?

eD! Thomas [21:08]

No. Or you have it I bought it. There you go. You know me if there’s a reason to buy a thing. My Yes, here’s a credit card. Take that out.

Jeff Ritter[21:16]

I’ll be honest with you. I think you’re playing the kind of fast and loose with the word reason I don’t even think you anything you really mean reason, a little nearly coherent behind the scenes. Before we started recording tonight, I was talking about how my headphones are falling apart. And I have I have the Bose quietcomfort I used to use them for travel before I got the air pod bros

eD! Thomas [21:40]

and before the world’s shut

Jeff Ritter[21:42]

down and yes, before I stopped traveling, and I also have the beats, I had the beats Studios which are horrifically uncomfortable. And all I can do is hear the gears turning in my head about getting the air pod maxes. As I’m saying that I look at my monitor. And Ed’s eyes are about as wide as someone who’s at like the peak of their mushroom trip. Just because I can tell he’s thinking all I need is for Jeff to get these so that I can go and get these also. And that’s why I say to you reason is a funny word.

eD! Thomas [22:19]

Just like when Radio Shack said you have questions we’ve got answers and is legally an answer. A thing existing is a reason so

Jeff Ritter[22:31]


eD! Thomas [22:32]

man ever said you’ve got questions. We’ve got answers that will be helpful, right? Or answers that you would like,

Jeff Ritter[22:37]

we have answers the right answers.

eD! Thomas [22:40]

Shut your stupid piehole and get out of my store

Jeff Ritter[22:42]

is an answer. It is Yeah. Alright. So here’s the question. Do the air to the air pod Max’s have a headphone jack, can they be plugged into something? Are they only Bluetooth?

eD! Thomas [22:53]

You have to buy an adapter to go from lightning to

Jeff Ritter[22:57]

3.50 they do. Okay, so they have a lightning connector?

eD! Thomas [23:00]

Yes. Okay. Yeah, that’s how they charge to. You know what, that’s my one complaint about Max and has always been my complaint about maximum completely. Going back to a previous topic, but nobody said that this was gonna be well thought out. Why the hell is the headphone jack on the right hand side when on most headphones. The cable comes out to the left side. Oh, yeah, so it’s cross. Mm hmm. Yeah, that’s weird. Very weird.

Jeff Ritter[23:22]

Why they do that? I don’t know. Because they don’t want you to use the headphone jack. If this is even before Bluetooth doesn’t matter. They’ve been plotting this

eD! Thomas [23:28]

Steve Jobs was just sitting there. Looking like Skeletor sin Oh, top steak mountain.

Jeff Ritter[23:34]

I feel like the guy that created the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack must have wronged Steve Jobs at some point. And he was like, I’m gonna destroy this man. I’m gonna destroy this man’s legacy. You’re gonna be the HD DVD or whatever the hell it was called. What was that thing called?

eD! Thomas [23:53]

That was HD DVD? Yeah, it

Jeff Ritter[23:54]

was HD DVD, you’re gonna be the HD DVD of Jack’s my friend. Can you imagine that? Just think about that. Imagine if the whole reason why iPhones and all of this exists was some elaborate plot to get back at the 3.5 millimeter jack guy.

eD! Thomas [24:11]

Well, it’s not necessarily against the 3.5 millimeter jack guy. But you do know that the entire reason the iPhone was pushed ahead was because of Motorola. doing a terrible job with the rocker, right? No, I

Jeff Ritter[24:24]

didn’t know that.

eD! Thomas [24:25]

Okay, so I think it was 2004 2005 Motorola released the rocker which was a phone, like a candy bar phone that synced with iTunes. You could sync I think 100 to 150 songs to your phone. So you had iTunes on your phone. The software sucked. It was slow. It was buggy. Steve Jobs got furious and said screw these people. Were building a phone now they were initially building the iPad, and then said nope, shrink that little sack of crap into this little brick, we’re going to show them how phones are done really? All because of the crappy

Jeff Ritter[25:05]


Unknown Speaker 25:06

Uh huh.

Jeff Ritter[25:06]

Yeah. God imagine what we would have had if if they came out with the Juke. Remember that phone? God, I was terrible. Do you know what I was thinking about something? Have you heard? I meant to ask you last time I spoke to you. Have you heard anything about Apple glass glasses? Yeah,

eD! Thomas [25:26]

I have. The latest thing that I read was that they are going to be expensive as all hell and nobody’s gonna buy them. Well,

Jeff Ritter[25:33]

what’s, what’s that saying? Nobody

eD! Thomas [25:35]

to which I say? All contraire, my friend. I am right here. Yeah, I do know that they just moved some one of the executives, I don’t remember their name. One of the executives that was in charge of hardware design to a new project and move their second in command up. And the second command was the guy who did the announcement of the one max. So okay, that’s not somebody who’s some fly by night. nobody’s heard of them before. Sure. But this other person is moved to a new project. And the thought is either that it was to project Titan, which is their car, or their glasses, and I’m leaning more towards the glasses, because that’s going to be a closer thing.

Jeff Ritter[26:12]

I want that car. That’s gonna be a tough sell.

eD! Thomas [26:15]

Okay, so did you hear that Hyundai basically leaked that Apple was talking to them about working with them on the car?

Jeff Ritter[26:22]

Yeah, yeah.

eD! Thomas [26:23]

Are you really willing to buy a $500,000 Hyundai? That is that’s very true. I am not it doesn’t make. Yeah, I just want them to like go with Subaru so that I can go get all of my favorite brands. In one thing, instead of using gas, you charge it with a lightning cable. It’s fine. Whatever.

Jeff Ritter[26:42]

I can tell you this with absolute certainty. I will not buy the Apple Car. If it’s $500,000 there’s no way

eD! Thomas [26:51]

no, neither will I.

Jeff Ritter[26:53]

I mean, that is where I draw. That is where I draw the line.

eD! Thomas [26:58]

Let me make one thing abundantly clear to everyone who listens to this episode. I will not buy a $500,000 Apple Car, primarily because no bank would give you $500,000 for a car,

Jeff Ritter[27:13]

right? That is way over the limit of my apple card.

eD! Thomas [27:16]

That’s really the limiting factor. Yeah, not necessarily a lack of desire, just so that we’re all together on this one. Oh, yeah, I

Jeff Ritter[27:23]

want it I want the car. Make no mistake about it. I just will not buy it even I guess apparently I have my limits.

eD! Thomas [27:30]

You know, they’re gonna announce it for like 450,000 or above and I’m like, well, it’s not 500 Let’s

Jeff Ritter[27:34]

do it. You know, if I won like the Powerball or the Mega Millions I buy it no questions asked. me think about it. I just walk in there and like just give me that give me that call and I probably don’t fit in.

eD! Thomas [27:45]

It only comes in midnight green.

Jeff Ritter[27:47]

Yeah, that’s the only way to get me to buy an ugly as green car I guess. Ah, so what else you got?

eD! Thomas [27:52]

You know between Dave’s wedding and new computers. I got not a damn thing. That’s that’s all of my life in a nutshell.

Jeff Ritter[27:59]

That is that’s a that’s a nice full life though.

eD! Thomas [28:02]

But it is a lot going on. So many things. All right, man. I will talk to you. Unless if something goes terribly wrong.

Jeff Ritter[28:11]

Next week, I cannot wait.

eD! Thomas [28:12]

I miss you already.

Jeff Ritter[28:14]

I miss you. See ya