eD! and Jeff talk about all the going’s on at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, and gadzooks they’re gonna spend so much money.

They also talk about Jeff’s 3-year-old’s first outing with her kickball league and Jeff’s 3rd grader playing lacrosse, but let’s be honest, you’re really here for the Apple stuff, but whatever we have lives outside of shiny new crap, too!

(Well, Jeff does. eD!, not so much.)

Episode Transcript, Robot Edition

eD! Thomas [0:00]

Welcome to the Nearly Coherent podcast.. I’m eD! and joining me a man who is as beautiful as a giant orange iMac. God, I just want to look at the iMac not Jeff. But Jeff to I guess. Hi, Jeff.

Jeff Ritter[0:18]

Let’s not rule anything out.

Unknown Speaker 0:20


Unknown Speaker 0:20

that’s true.

eD! Thomas [0:21]

I believe there’s another episode right referred to wanting to lick your head, so it’s fine. Yeah,

Jeff Ritter[0:27]

it’s okay. I’m complimented that it’s automatic.

eD! Thomas [0:30]

It’s all consensual.

Jeff Ritter[0:31]

I’m flattered.

eD! Thomas [0:32]

Are you doing buddy?

Jeff Ritter[0:33]

Oh, um, I think I’m doing well. Probably not as well as you because we know what today is. Oh, we

eD! Thomas [0:40]


Jeff Ritter[0:42]

Oh, but I am doing. I am doing well. Real quick. Yeah. Because I know, we know where we want to. We want to go. And it was a nice feeling. Knowing that I didn’t have to think about anything all day for Oh, yeah, the podcast. It was a whole week. I

eD! Thomas [0:57]

just like with any content,

Jeff Ritter[1:00]

so good. felt real good. But all three of my children are playing organized sports. And if you follow me on Instagram, or if you’re one of my aunts, who are pretty much the only people I’m friends with on Facebook. You got to see it because I did a lot of I did a lot of posting about them. So the baby, she started a kickball league. It’s, it’s good. It’s perfect for third graders. For three year olds rather than a third graders. It’s perfect to three year olds, very advanced three year olds that are in third grade. Yeah, Juliana is a third grader who I’m also going to talk about, but Reagan started a kickball league. And it is super easy rules to follow. So the ball rolls in, you kick it, you move up one base, right. And then every time somebody kicks, you just move a base, there’s no plays in the field. There’s no outs, there’s no score. It’s nice and easy. It gets them. You think about it. So she is she was three in January. She has really never gotten to play with friends and kids our age. Yeah, even she’s a little cousin that’s like, I don’t know, five or six months younger than her. They FaceTime each other. They’ve gotten to be you know, around each other for a few minutes here and there. But even then they’ve not gotten to play very much. So it really is nice to get her out. You know, let her play and one of our friends Greg, his daughter is on the team. It’s really cool. You’re out there for like 40 minutes run watching a bunch of little fat three year olds kind of like stumble around bases. It’s great.

eD! Thomas [2:43]

You know, I’m glad you like it. I just want to, um, in case if anybody was curious, I’m friends with you on Instagram. I follow you on Instagram. I follow our friend Greg on Instagram. I follow your wife on Instagram. And so I saw a whole bunch of videos of this and it did look really fun. Like the first two that I saw from from two to 40 I was just like, good. Got one of these children just smash that ball into my face, please. I want to die. So if anybody anybody else is posting pictures or whatever on Instagram, and I’m not liking them know that it’s not you. It’s that I’m avoiding them.

Jeff Ritter[3:24]

Yeah, listen, we are I will tell you we are like vegans or CrossFit people. When it comes to the first week of our our babies playing kickball, I will most likely not continue the same way. I can’t film every single one but some of the first ones I had to put up there.

eD! Thomas [3:45]

I also have to be honest with you though, if you did stick with it and like got way like higher production values like three drones and a red camera and just like really went all out. I’d start to love it. And then I would watch it for hours. Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna

Jeff Ritter[4:03]

put I’m gonna put my phone on a gimbal I’m gonna film shit in IMAX like I’m Christopher Nolan in her fucking gig wargames. So do it in all black and white so that the the gravity of the kickball game really, you know, really sinks in.

eD! Thomas [4:20]

If you need me to come to get some B roll please let me know I will call it life

Jeff Ritter[4:24]

kind of figured I’d need it right this is this is definitely a multi camera operation.

eD! Thomas [4:28]

Of course. three year old kickball. It has to be Yeah. My problem with it isn’t the amount of videos just the amount of the same video that people were posting from the same angle. Let’s get some variety in here. Well, let’s

Jeff Ritter[4:39]

listen that I blame Greg almost completely for all of that. I was there first. Sure. I invited him to the team and then he posts he stole videos. That’s his fault, not mine. He can get it but then my third, my third grader, the middle one. My favorite is after she had her very first look Cross game. She had her first lacrosse game now that one is it’s so it’s slightly more competitive, you know, score is kept, there are some rules in place like everyone is supposed to get equal playing time, you know, because even now they’re already there, we’re already in their first game, you can see that there are girls that are a they don’t really want to be there. There are kids that they don’t go anywhere near the action and stuff. But again, this is like a teaching thing. This is not ultra competitive, even though there is a score and there is a winner and a loser. But she’s got a couple of friends on her team. Matter of fact, my son and two of his buddies that are on on his lacrosse team. Their two little sisters are on Juliana’s and they would so when a kid has like an older sibling that plays the sport, they tend to be better at it at the earlier ages, simply because they’ve been around it more. So these girls were pretty good at But to my surprise because Giuliana is like she’d much rather like stand on the sidelines and see how long she can balance the stick on her open palms and rather than pay any attention to the sport. But she actually went out there and she caught a pass was like one of the only passes caught and scored a goal which I was super proud of, you know, because she has, you know, she has the she has the childhood. It’s called childhood or benign rolandic epilepsy. And she’s on a medicine for it. And I guess she’s always felt maybe like a little bit out a little bit different because of it even though I mean she’s not everything that I can tell she’s, you know, every bit in step with every other kind of with every other kid her age. But this was something that she was like super proud of man, it was awesome. So I will warn you, you’re gonna get a lot of videos of her playing lacrosse. That’s fine, because she was really excited about that. So be warned.

eD! Thomas [6:57]

As you know, I’m a big Giuliana fan. Yes. She’s good people.

Jeff Ritter[7:03]

Everybody is she’s definitely the best one.

eD! Thomas [7:05]

I’m not gonna lie to you for a second there. I was like, shit that I just screw up her name.

Unknown Speaker 7:09

I’m glad I didn’t know you got it.

eD! Thomas [7:11]

I get your baby’s name wrong all the time. I’m gonna say that until Reagan, right? Yeah,

Jeff Ritter[7:16]

we call her Ray Ray.

eD! Thomas [7:17]

Right I’ll refer to her is Ray. Yep. Because I remember that from Star Wars. Yeah. But like Reagan reminds me of Ronald Reagan. And it’s like old dude. And like, that’s not a baby. It’s very confusing. She does kind of act like a name like a 90 year old man every once in a while. But yeah,

Jeff Ritter[7:33]

she does. She’s an ornery old fucker. Sometimes.

eD! Thomas [7:37]

I’ve made many comments about how she’s a monster. And then you had her on your lap a couple of weeks ago, like before we started recording. Yeah. And it was the first time in like a year and a half that I’d had a conversation with her. And now I feel really bad about all the terrible things I said about her. Yeah, listen, I was tired of looking at her playing kickball

Jeff Ritter[7:55]

over the weekend. Don’t let her fool you. Don’t let her fool you. She is pure evil underneath underneath that face. I’m telling you. She definitely

eD! Thomas [8:04]

has that sparkle that you have in your eye of like, yeah, I’m adorable. But I’m gonna murder your family. Yeah,

Jeff Ritter[8:09]

yeah, she’s got he’s kind of like a Chucky doll. But at the beginning of the movie before it’s got like stitches through its face. And it’s been burned. Yeah. beyond recognition. Yes. She’s kind of like Chucky at the beginning of the first movie.

eD! Thomas [8:22]

Make some?

Jeff Ritter[8:23]

Yeah. All right. Enough about the fucking kids.

Today, big announcement. Pretty, like, pretty significant announcement on

eD! Thomas [9:06]

so many things. So many things I want to buy. Good God.

Jeff Ritter[9:12]

Alright, so we’re going to talk about it. How do we want to do it?

eD! Thomas [9:16]

You know what? coincidentally, presentation order almost exactly. Matches enthusiasm order for me.

Jeff Ritter[9:23]

Really? Okay, so,

eD! Thomas [9:25]

we’re gonna go, we’re just gonna do the same that it’s going to be more or less presentation order. Even though there’s a little mix in there, but whatever.

Jeff Ritter[9:33]

Alright. So how did they How did they kick it off? What was the first product software service? whatever it was that they that they brought up?

eD! Thomas [9:43]

You’re gonna be excited. Are you sitting down? I am good. It’s Apple card.

Jeff Ritter[9:48]

Okay, I have one.

eD! Thomas [9:50]

Yeah, you do. Um, listen, you know what you keep on saying to me about the apple card.

Jeff Ritter[9:57]

I don’t

eD! Thomas [10:01]

In case if anybody was curious if we rehearse these things at all, sometimes he flows a little bit like we have. We don’t we don’t do it at all. Now,

Jeff Ritter[10:09]

what he’s looking for, I tried to think of something I have no idea.

eD! Thomas [10:13]

Well, it is also for 20. So you’re probably a little tired.

Jeff Ritter[10:18]

I’m not tired yet

eD! Thomas [10:20]

all all the breakdancing?

Jeff Ritter[10:22]

I am grounded. I am completely grounded this that’s for after I knew we had the apple episode. And I said, Man, if I lose my train of thought he’s gonna fucking kill me. No,

eD! Thomas [10:33]

I was honestly super excited for it. Oh,

Jeff Ritter[10:35]

I will. Let’s pause for it. Let’s pause for a little bit. We can change that. We could change that very quickly. Now, just kidding.

eD! Thomas [10:44]

So you usually say to me how you wish you could have your wife as a user on the applecart Holy shit.

Jeff Ritter[10:50]

Now that you say that? I actually have said that before. You’re absolutely right. eons of time. Very, very astute observation. And you’re absolutely right. I do wish that because that actually keeps me from using it sometimes.

eD! Thomas [11:03]

Well, guess what’s going to come to you in

Jeff Ritter[11:05]

May? I’m going to be able to add a user.

Unknown Speaker 11:07

Uh huh.

Jeff Ritter[11:08]

Oh, it’s about time apple. So can I just make a statement real quick. Of course, apples been really like knocking it out of the park. The iPhone 12 Pro is awesome. Like, and this is an awesome for my one complaint is that the cases are too goddamn slippery. Which is really minute. The new MacBook Air is so joyous. It’s so nice. The Apple Watch six is fantastic. I mean, they really are. They’re really in a groove right now they are and now like, my biggest complaint, which is the stupidest thing because I’m just complaining about their credit card. But my biggest complaint about that credit card then now remedying?

eD! Thomas [11:59]

Yeah, I mean they are. So now you’re going to be able to add an additional user, if you have a spouse who has an apple card, you can now pull your Apple cards together. And whoever has the lowest APR and will have the APR for everybody. And the credit will combine to be one massive pool of funds. You can if you have children, if that are the age of 13 or older and you want to like give them an allowance through an apple card, you can do that. Hey, they can just bring up like 50 bucks on your Apple card so that they can learn responsible credit card ownership or not. Because they’re gonna spend $50 on No, no, those weird sticky hands that you get out of vending machines.

Jeff Ritter[12:42]

Yeah, I, you know, it’s that really is what they would do.

eD! Thomas [12:47]

Yeah. And you know what, honestly, I’d respect it. I respect the hell out of it. I wouldn’t question I just be like, Yeah, no, that was probably me.

Jeff Ritter[12:54]

G is pretty good. His his kryptonite is those, like, those online bucks for any of his video games? to him? Those have no value whatsoever. He thinks that if he just clicks on them, they’re free, which they’re decidedly not.

Unknown Speaker 13:11

Yeah, for him. They

Jeff Ritter[13:12]

are when he has real money in play. He’s pretty. That’s good. All right. So I love this so far. has to be 13. He’s not 13 yet. He just turned

eD! Thomas [13:23]

12. That was just a year. It’s fine. It’s just yeah,

Jeff Ritter[13:25]

it’ll be all right.

eD! Thomas [13:26]

I mean, it’s not gonna be like the 10 years that were last year. Again, I hope please God, no. So yeah, that was the Big Apple card announcement. So that’s I the minute I saw that my note said, ooh, a thing for Jeff. And it really is about apologize that I forget that that is my complaint about the apple card. It’s alright, you know what I mean? Like you’ve only said it 9 million times when I didn’t need to hear it. And the one time I needed you to talk about it. Did I like

Jeff Ritter[13:55]

I did I got nothing. I really disappointed you them. Sorry about that.

eD! Thomas [14:00]

And you weren’t even high as the reason like come on, man. No,

Jeff Ritter[14:03]

I know. I wish I could tell you

eD! Thomas [14:05]

God. This is just one two punch of sadness.

Jeff Ritter[14:07]

Yeah, sorry about that. Listen, at least Dave’s not here. Oh,

eD! Thomas [14:12]

thank God,

Jeff Ritter[14:12]

let me do that make it any better.

eD! Thomas [14:15]

It makes it so much better. There we go. You know what we’re going to talk about next, the Dave of this announcement today. Okay, so the podcasts app will now have a thing where podcast creators can be like, go subscribe and pay us. And then you get money from people for like bonus content, such as basically Patreon, or like the donate button that we used to have on the front page of our site. And except it’s right in Apple podcasts. The problem of that being that they’re going to take 30% of whatever these people are donating and it costs you $20 a year so I don’t feel like losing $5,000 so we’re not doing

Jeff Ritter[14:50]

it. Okay, that is kind of a Dave piece of info. Yeah, but they make it sound like it’s gonna be good and it’s not. It’s terrible.

eD! Thomas [14:57]

Yeah, it’s just so stupid. I hate it. If you want to give us money, you feel free. You just, you know, send it to us directly.

Jeff Ritter[15:06]

It’s fine. That’s, that’s perfect. I’ll even give you my Venmo Yeah, let me know.

eD! Thomas [15:12]

It’ll be great. be fantastic. Yeah. So then next thing doesn’t really affect us, but I thought it was dope. They’re releasing a new color of iPhone 12. Yes, I saw it. So here’s the deal. All right now like it’s a good purple. I like it. But before they announced it, the camera panned around a lilac bush, which is all the same purple as the phone. I was like, somebody Apple is paying attention to cinematography right now. Look at that. That’s foreshadowing as Tim Cook comes around is like, yo, purple phone, bitch. And

Jeff Ritter[15:49]

yeah, they’ve really they’ve really let it fly with the script writing now. They’ve got Tim Grover Yo, purple phone, bitch. I do like the purple.

Unknown Speaker 16:00

I love it.

eD! Thomas [16:01]

I love it so much.

Jeff Ritter[16:02]

If that was in the Pro, that would be my choice. Yeah, it is nice looking.

eD! Thomas [16:06]

It is very nice. Like a barbell.

Jeff Ritter[16:07]

I like it better than the current blue that I have. I just get another line would be my deal to see I like the the non pro version blue better than the pros blue.

eD! Thomas [16:21]

Oh, yeah, me too.

Jeff Ritter[16:21]

That’s why I’m saying if they made that purple in the Pro, I would I would prefer to the blue Pro. Anyway. Yeah, yeah, that’s gonna be in the 12 and the 12. Mini right. Yep, that’s yeah, that’s pretty nice

eD! Thomas [16:32]

pre order on Friday. So it comes out on the 30th. Enjoy that folks. That’ll get your go get your iPhones. Alright, so speaking of things that are coming out on 30th and pre order on Friday, you know how for 25 years we’ve been talking about air tags Apple’s tile competitor? I do. They finally announced them. I’m very excited.

Jeff Ritter[16:53]

Yeah, I use tiles for a couple of things. They’re fine. They’re not. They’re not great. The Ultra wideband technology that the air tags I hope have I hope you tell me in a minute that they do. I’m going to tell you that yes. is supposed to be vastly superior to the Bluetooth. It’s like It’s like Bluetooth was banner, you wb is the is the Hulk kind of thing.

eD! Thomas [17:21]

Yeah. Here’s the thing with tile that I don’t like I have tiles on everything. I got one in each bag. I’ve got one attached to my wallet. I got one attach my keys. The problem is I live in a three storey house two stories in a basement. If I leave my keys on any floor that I’m not on tiles, it’s like it’s not here. Yes, you’re at a lot. Yes. The air tags are going to basically ping off of any Apple device that you have. Which if you’ve ever listened to this podcast before, you know I have at least four Apple products

Jeff Ritter[17:56]

is a low estimate folks very low. I have four Apple products in his pocket right now. On his body.

eD! Thomas [18:04]

I do. It’s bad. So yeah, that that’s going to be super helpful. The Ultra wideband is going to be nice in that you can tell how far away something is in space, compared to just like, Oh, it’s in this area. Best of luck. Hope you have echolocation in your ears. Yeah, I am ready for those. I am not ready for the. So it’s $29 per air tag or $99 for a set of four. Yeah, unless you’re just gonna drop them in your bag, you need like a tag of holder for it. And they’ve got holders that range from like $12 to $40. Which is to me seems kind of stupid. I feel like it should come with the thing to attach it to things but it’s Apple, so I also get that

Unknown Speaker 18:53


eD! Thomas [18:54]

if I was gonna have to choose between user replaceable battery and not having to buy a case I would take the user replaceable battery and that’s what we got. But they also have an ER mez holder for these things. Now you have 820 $9 airtec you’re gonna attach it to something of value, let’s say luggage, right? How much would you be willing to pay? If you were an idiot for the holder for that

Jeff Ritter[19:24]

999 by that Id rail you there

eD! Thomas [19:32]

a little because I’m not sure if you’re saying $9.99 or $999 Oh, I’m

Jeff Ritter[19:36]

definitely saying $9.99

eD! Thomas [19:40]

Oh, good cuz these things are $450 so

Jeff Ritter[19:45]

what is so what is this is is this is this like a key? That’s ridiculous.

eD! Thomas [19:54]

Yeah, but it’s made by Ms. Didn’t they make

Jeff Ritter[19:57]

Didn’t they make the very expensive one bans also,

eD! Thomas [20:01]

they do. Yes. Yes. And I understand the irony of somebody who pours out as blatantly for Apple as I do being like, that’s too expensive for a thing. Like, yeah, I know. I get it, but I’m not wrong either. So shut up, right?

Jeff Ritter[20:19]

Yeah. So I mean, recently, after we’ve absolutely trashed the air dam, I’m not gonna be able to remember what the headphones are be over the air pods Max, the air pods max. After we obliterated them on multiple occasions. I had to call and be like, yo, should I get those air pod mags?

eD! Thomas [20:46]

So we have had several text threads just about whether or not we should buy them because we want to

Jeff Ritter[20:55]

Yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. I am. But that’s there’s at least like technology in there. The the or mez? You’re simply paying for the name or mess. That’s, it’s all you’re paying for. It’s a little chunk of leather. That is the same as the $39 air tag loop. You know, the air tag leather loop. It’s two inches of leather, which is just crazy. There’s a $350 one there’s a $300 one. No way. I’ll tell you where I’m going. Belkin baby. I’m going Belkin 99 Belkin has got one that is $13.

eD! Thomas [21:37]

You know, ago,

Jeff Ritter[21:38]

there’s one that’s a key chain for 13 bucks. There’s one that’s a What do you call?

eD! Thomas [21:43]

I don’t know. It’s got like a lanyard

Jeff Ritter[21:44]

on it. Like a little strap on it. That’s 13 bucks. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.

eD! Thomas [21:50]

Yeah, yeah, those are the ones I’m going with not going with the I might even spring for the apple ones because they have it in like a dark blue and an orange and shit. And I like that. But most of the ones I’m going to have are Belkin.

Jeff Ritter[22:03]

Yeah. Where are the one? Where’s the one where I can sew it into the back of my kids next? They have that yet?

eD! Thomas [22:11]

Not yet. No?

Jeff Ritter[22:12]

No. Got it fair. Okay. So yeah,

eD! Thomas [22:15]

I’ll be waking up nice and early on Friday to buy those.

Jeff Ritter[22:18]

You know what I’m not you don’t want I I actually think doesn’t work very well is the find my part of AirPods You’re right. Yep, I almost want to get an air pod case that you can put an air tag in to make it better to find the air pods for my wife. Hold that thought. Oh, here we go.

eD! Thomas [22:37]

I’m gonna just keep that in the back of your mind. Okay, for our next little bit, because the next bit is the Apple TV 4k. Okay. All right. Now, first thing another thing that I have in my notes. Jeff will be happy. They announced Ted lassos second season will be out July 2.

Jeff Ritter[22:55]

Holy shit this July 2,

eD! Thomas [22:57]

this July 2.

Jeff Ritter[22:58]

Yep. Wow. That’s fantastic. I’m very happy about that. So far. My top news,

eD! Thomas [23:06]

there’s a trailer for it. That was very good. should go find it and watch it.

Jeff Ritter[23:10]

No, I definitely will.

eD! Thomas [23:12]

So now they have a new Apple TV 4k that’s got the H 12 processor in it, which is the one from the iPhone 11. I want to say cats. Okay, Xs because I think we’re up to 14. Yeah, so it’s 10 S

Jeff Ritter[23:31]

Yeah, I thought that the I thought I had a phone with the 812 processor. And I didn’t have the 11

eD! Thomas [23:37]

two big things for this. First of all, what is the one thing you hate about the Apple TV that everybody hates about the Apple TV? Good. God is the remote man.

Jeff Ritter[23:47]

Dude, I didn’t even let me talk. I was about to say to you, I hate the remote. I don’t hate anything about the actual. There’s two things I hate about the Disney plus app sucks and constantly needs that shampooed but the remote annoys the shit out of me.

eD! Thomas [24:03]

They’re getting rid of that remote. Oh, hey, oh, there’s a new generation Siri remote that has buttons that you can tell the top and the bottom from you. It’s It looks so much better. The top is like a scroll wheel from an iPod. And you can use it like a scroll wheel to fast forward and rewind. But it also has the touch surface that is on the top the current series. I like that it’s it has a power button so you can turn on your TV with it. Just nice. You can also buy it for your old Apple TVs for 60 bucks a pop if you want to which quite frankly, given that the other to replace the Siri remote, or the one that blows is like $80 might be worth it worth it. So that’s dope. The other cool thing is if you have this new Apple TV, there’s a function in it where like if you need to color calibrate the signal for your TV, you can sync it with your phone, hold your phone up to the screen, and it will use the information from the front camera on your phone to tell it how to adjust the colors in the Apple TV. Damn. That’s pretty serious. Which would have been handy back in the day before I had to manually calibrate my TV because the background that should be black was gray. Damn, not great.

Jeff Ritter[25:26]

Now, it doesn’t show it calibrated through the apple video settings.

eD! Thomas [25:31]

Yes. Now if it did, like actual TV settings that would be too beautiful for this world. And we don’t deserve that.

Jeff Ritter[25:37]

Well, yeah, I didn’t see how it could possibly unless you could put in what type of TV and then manually fix the settings, which I’m that’d be wonderful. I’m sure that that something like that will come up in some sort of app. Now, if that technology

eD! Thomas [25:54]

was an app that did that way back, there was a THX app. They used to do that for you.

Jeff Ritter[26:02]

Oh, that’s pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker 26:04

But that’s amazing that for some reason, I’m

Jeff Ritter[26:05]

trying to think I don’t do I don’t really do anything on my TV except watch Apple TV and play PlayStation. Like I don’t I almost I’m watching a some sort of sports ball. I don’t watch like my regular cable TV.

eD! Thomas [26:22]

Yeah. So like 90% of it’s gonna look great, because he’s using Apple TV. Yeah, hold this thing up and go puberty. And then

Jeff Ritter[26:29]

fixed. I like that. And I like what you did. I like what you said, there.

eD! Thomas [26:32]

Thank you. I appreciate that. I did it for you. That’ll be another preorder on the 30th comes out in late May. So chalk that up to another thing I’m gonna buy. It’s gonna be great.

Jeff Ritter[26:46]

Yeah, I’m already I got the wheels turning as to which one of my kids needs an Apple TV so I can upgrade

eD! Thomas [26:52]

it. I’m trying to decide which of my kids needs an Apple TV so I can upgrade. There you go. problem is I have no children. And the dog’s Apple TV is fine. So is it

Unknown Speaker 27:01

you know what now? He deserves better. We both know that. He does. He does. You’re right.

eD! Thomas [27:06]

So here’s the thing that we didn’t expect today. IMAX.

Jeff Ritter[27:10]

I I definitely didn’t expect IMAX. What are they doing with IMAX?

eD! Thomas [27:17]

This is replacing the 21.5 inch. Like bottom end iMac.

Jeff Ritter[27:21]

What is there? a 21 and a 27?

eD! Thomas [27:24]

There’s a 21 a and a 27? Yeah. Okay. So so this is a refresh because they just refresh the bigger one, didn’t

Jeff Ritter[27:32]

they last year? Yeah. Okay, so they’re leaving that one alone. For now. For now? Yeah, that’ll be a fall thing. And they’re refreshing. They’re refreshing the 20 ones,

eD! Thomas [27:41]

right? Except now they’re 24 inches. Oh, they are also 11.5 millimeters thin.

Jeff Ritter[27:48]

Holy shit.

eD! Thomas [27:49]

It’s so thin that the headphone jack has to be on the side and not the back. Because the screen is thinner, thinner metal part then the actual metal part of a headphone jack. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:01


eD! Thomas [28:02]

If you stack two air tags on top of each other, it’s thicker than the new iMac. Wow, that’s

Jeff Ritter[28:07]


eD! Thomas [28:08]

It’s then it comes in seven different colors.

Jeff Ritter[28:11]

That’s like when we were in middle school.

Unknown Speaker 28:13

Uh huh.

Jeff Ritter[28:14]

The IMAX came all those colors though. Those big plastic. Somehow both retro and futuristic looking IMAX that were

eD! Thomas [28:23]

Yeah, they were beautiful. I love them. I didn’t like Mac’s then because I was an idiot. But and also they’re using like, oh s nine. But I can respect the style. And now I just wanted a colored iMac. And I can get one they come in blue. A nice dark blue. The back is darker than the front. So the front is the screen and like a chin that is a lighter color. Okay, like a lighter shade than the one on the back. Which is weird to me. Because I get where they’re coming from where they were talking about how you know, the back is going to be what a lot of people see of your Mac, but I’m not buying my Macs for other people to see I’m buying the Mac for me to see. Yeah. So make the cool darker color pointed me please read and also go to the back agree.

Jeff Ritter[29:07]

Totally agreed.

eD! Thomas [29:08]

So you get into a dope, blue, green, and like a pinkish red, sorted deal and silver because why not have the boring ass color on the lower end model. on the higher end models, you can get all those colors, plus yellow, purple and orange.

Jeff Ritter[29:24]

Wow, that’s a lot of colors

eD! Thomas [29:26]

that the blue, the yellow and the orange look dope as hell. If I didn’t just get a new Mac, I’ll even say it. I’d be buying it. But but but here’s what I’m hoping for. In the fall. You’re gonna have a new design of Mac books. If they come in colors, I’m going to lose my shit. They can have as much money of mine as they want. I want either a blue or an orange match. MacBook. And just this is me you can’t see it because you’re listening to this I’m throwing money

Jeff Ritter[30:06]

in General Assembly’s thrown a shoebox all over the place so

eD! Thomas [30:10]

many us your bucks. Oh my god, you’re all Vegas strippers and I’m just Yeah, yeah, yeah. So yeah, it’s pretty and I want it. Yep. Now I stopped. Really I love IMAX as an idea, but I was Touch ID only being available on laptops. I was kind of like, am I ever gonna really want an iMac again? Because Touch ID is super handy. It really is. It’s so great. Here’s the thing. They now have a wireless keyboard with Touch ID on it. Oh,

Jeff Ritter[30:41]


eD! Thomas [30:42]

Oh shit. Hang on. Can we roll back for a second? Oh,

Jeff Ritter[30:44]

go for it.

eD! Thomas [30:45]

So remember what I said keeping your mind about having not being able to find your air pods and wanting to strap a air tag on it? I do. What’s the one thing you lose when you’re trying to watch TV?

Jeff Ritter[30:57]

The remote?

eD! Thomas [30:58]

What would be the best thing to have that same technology inside of it remote? You know it doesn’t have that technology inside of it. The remote exactly easiest than they could have done would have sold 20,000 more per day forever. And

Jeff Ritter[31:16]

idiots Do you think they’re gonna come out with some upgraded remote that has it? They’ve should?

eD! Thomas [31:20]

Like they’re just leaving money on the table here.

Jeff Ritter[31:24]

Yeah, that is that’s a that’s an odd thing to leave out is the air tag is pretty damn small. And you wouldn’t even need that much space to add it into the remote. I feel like they could have done it.

eD! Thomas [31:35]

Yeah. Anyway, sorry. Back to the iMac. So yeah, you got a touch ID keyboard that is also has the aluminum part matches the color of your iMac and that’s nice. Same thing with the mouse. Same thing with the trackpad.

Jeff Ritter[31:50]

So the mouse right? Yeah. Where’s the charging port on the mouse? See,

eD! Thomas [31:57]

here’s another thing where they missed a good opportunity. You still have to flip the stupid mouse

Jeff Ritter[32:03]

over my God. That is so fucking stupid. Like guys, you’ve made iPhones for the past decade. Not once as the charger been in the back. Like Like why? Why are you right in the

eD! Thomas [32:19]

middle of the screen would be the more apt analogy because it’s the part that you

Jeff Ritter[32:24]

use. Why do that?

eD! Thomas [32:26]

I don’t know. I don’t know. It drives me insane. I don’t understand why they’re like here. Take this turtle flip it over. Watch it flail its arms while you charge it. Oh no.

Jeff Ritter[32:36]

Will it survive get it hey, we’re gonna make this completely unusable when it has to be charged so stupid. It’s so stupid.

eD! Thomas [32:43]

This is why I have a touchpad for life guy that’s it never use one they’re so stupid

Unknown Speaker 32:48

as my stupid that they do that.

eD! Thomas [32:51]


Jeff Ritter[32:52]

irritating now will they be Will you be able to buy those in color without buying an iMac? They haven’t

eD! Thomas [32:57]

said yet. Okay. I would like them to do that though.

Jeff Ritter[32:59]

Yeah, I want to buy more.

eD! Thomas [33:00]

Yeah, a display is 24 inches. As I mentioned it has true tone just like everything else. It’s 4.5k retina. So Dobell display, you can connect it to the pro motion SDR display if you want to. So you can connect to 6k screen, it’s got two USB C port, four USB C ports on the back two of which are Thunderbolt enabled. And here’s the dope part. magsafe kinda is back for the iMac, it has a magnetic power cord. Okay, that is tinted to match your iMac. Wow, one. Just dope as hell to the in the upgraded version. The power brick also has an ethernet cable on it. So you can plug your internet through the power brick and just have one cable going up to your computer or saying use a wired connection.

Jeff Ritter[33:53]

Uh huh. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

eD! Thomas [33:56]

Also, just like with the air pods that have spatial audio, this can do Dolby Atmos style sound, okay. So you can get all that cool shit.

Jeff Ritter[34:05]

It’s dope. It’s great. spatial audio is real trippy. When you forget that it’s on

eD! Thomas [34:10]

a, you wanna talk about real trippy. I was watching this thing with my air pods on my iPad. And it was like Tim Cook was just whispering in my ear. And it was so gross. It was just the worst thing in the world. And I was like, I love it so

Jeff Ritter[34:22]

much. Keep talking to him.

eD! Thomas [34:25]

I kept on turning around. And it was just like, he’s still right in front of me.

Jeff Ritter[34:30]

It’s so good. Yeah, that is real weird. And it’s always odd shit like that, that adds that spatial audio.

eD! Thomas [34:37]

Yeah, it’s so bizarre. I love it. But Yikes.

Jeff Ritter[34:42]

So a lot of big announcements. I mean, that’s a lot of stuff. But that I don’t think I’m not sure but I don’t think that that’s it right.

eD! Thomas [34:51]

We said that iPads talk about and this is where this is where I needed you. This is where it gets real. This is where it gets really real. This is is gonna get intense. So first of all, the iPad is going to have an M one processor in it now,

Jeff Ritter[35:07]

the same chip that’s in the new MacBooks,

eD! Thomas [35:10]

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac, Mini, iMac, iPad, all going to have m one chips. What I liked in this presentation, is that they said, and I’m quoting here, iPad has always used a turbocharged version of our a series ships to deliver a powerful and responsive experience that’s years ahead of anything else. I think what they’re referring to is how crippled it is by damn iPad OS, which is just so useless. It’s like, I’ve got this fast ask computer. And I’ve had I was just like,

Unknown Speaker 35:42

I’m Kevin. Look at me go.

Unknown Speaker 35:45

My my Walker.

Jeff Ritter[35:46]

She could see him right now. It is. So

eD! Thomas [35:48]

if you I love the iPad, I love iPad OS, I use an iPad as more or less my primary computer when I’m not working. It’s just it gets the point of just being like, could you get your shit together, please people, which is what I’m presuming. And I know I’m going to be let down. But I’m going to presume it anyway, that the m one and the iPad pros is kind of leading towards iPad os 15 having a whole bunch of good shit. Okay, maybe. I hope? I mean,

Jeff Ritter[36:21]

you would think if they’re using the same chip, it should have close to the capabilities. Yeah, that a MacBook or an iMac? or what have you. It should be like a huge jump in capabilities.

eD! Thomas [36:37]

Yeah, so not only does have the M one the iPads currently have, I believe it’s four gigs of RAM on the iPad pros that are 512 and 128, and six gigs on the one terabyte. This is going to have is the first time they’re actually advertising the amount of RAM, the 128 and 512 will have eight gigs of RAM, the one terabyte and now two terabyte option is going to have 16 gigs of RAM. Yeah, I’m not getting a two terabyte on that’s like 20 $400 No, stop.

Jeff Ritter[37:15]

Is it really

eD! Thomas [37:16]

yeah, the new iPad has USB C and Thunderbolt so I can finally connect my iPad to my giant ass monitor. Can’t use it as a separate display because iPad OS is a freakin idiot and doesn’t do that. Unless of the app is specially programmed for it, like Come get your shit to get there, apple,

Jeff Ritter[37:37]

maybe gossan. Maybe in 15 it’s coming It better be.

eD! Thomas [37:41]

I mean, I’m just looking forward to being able to edit podcasts on a giant screen, that’s going to be great. And it’ll like you know, let you do giant data transfers, you can connect a whole bunch of other shit to it. It’s awesome. It’ll have 5g. If you need cellular connection that doesn’t really work very well anywhere.

Jeff Ritter[37:59]

Except for mind control,

eD! Thomas [38:00]

except for my control. I mean, like my speeds have increased ever since I got the COVID vaccine. But other than that, it also has this dope new 12 megapixel 122 degrees camera that has a feature called centerstage, which I thought initially was just FaceTime calls. But apparently it’s an API. So anybody can use it. What it does is take the camera it will use the machine learning in the M one chip and focus on you. And if somebody else joins in to the picture, it will zoom out to focus on them, and it will move around to follow you because it’s got that giant ass wide angle camera and it looks kind of awesome. Oh, that sounds pretty cool. Sounds like it’s gonna be dope for all those zoom calls. I don’t have the camera on for because I don’t want to be seen.

Jeff Ritter[38:45]

Yeah. Yeah, I was on the phone with a customer today. And their whole team was like, on the call. I’m like, yeah, I’m not turning on my camera, right.

eD! Thomas [38:56]

I was on a team call today, they’re talking about stuff that I had no way of like actually interacting with because I’m doing a rotation into different department right now. And so I just turned off my camera. It also happened to be during the apple event. So I was like, Oh, god, they’re gonna think I’m not paying attention. And I mean, I was paying attention. I promise you. I would tell you here if I wasn’t Yeah, how would they know? Please? But yeah, no, it’s I don’t want to do that. I don’t like being like that.

Jeff Ritter[39:20]

Yeah, I have a problem. Where when somebody says something stupid, I have a real hard time masking that. So I don’t keep a camera on when I’m talking to people. And I just say that it’s because I don’t have the bandwidth, which is clearly not true. So racks Yeah, sorry. Sorry, work. People.

eD! Thomas [39:42]

Don’t ever bring it up work people. How dare you. So here’s where my problem comes. As I’ve mentioned before, I was thinking of getting the 11 inch Pro, keeping my 12.9 inch and just getting the new 11 inch so this way I have a smaller thing because I was presuming they weren’t going to release a refreshed iPad Mini that had the same display like the iPad Air, which they didn’t. So, you know, apples clearly just taking a shit on my face. So but that’s fine. But here’s a new wrinkle. And the wrinkle is this, the new 12.9 inch display is you know all the cool shit about the pro display the $5,000 display like how it’s a bajillion to one contrast ratio has ridiculous color. Absolutely great display. Yeah, yeah, they’re doing that for the 12 point now.

Jeff Ritter[40:35]

Yeah. So yeah, listen, I know, you’re gonna ask me for my opinion, I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter. Just order the 12.90. No,

eD! Thomas [40:44]

that’s not the question. No, okay, you’re doing the logical question of how do I get the 11? Or do I get the 12? That’s not the question.

Unknown Speaker 40:54

I mean, they settled it with that. Yeah.

eD! Thomas [40:56]

They just First of all, when I’m, if I’m ever able to remote work again, being able to have a display like that as my secondary sidecar display through the iPad is ridiculous. I want to get back to doing all the photo stuff. I used to be doing color correction, why not on that splays gonna be awesome. I that just isn’t mini LED display. So it’s going to have great picture quality. It’s got 10,000 LEDs and the 12.9 inch display.

Unknown Speaker 41:25

It’s bananas. That’s, that’s,

eD! Thomas [41:27]

I want that I’m getting that my dad’s getting my current 12.9 inch. I’m getting the new 12.9 inch. That’s not a question that’s done. Dad my money. The question then becomes, I’m never gonna get this iPad Mini I want. They’re never gonna do that for me. And even if they do, I’m still just gonna buy it. I don’t care. It’s fine. Right? Do I get an 11 inch pro to? Or do I get an iPad Air to be my because I’ve got that smaller bag that the 12.9 inch iPad doesn’t fit in?

Jeff Ritter[41:59]

What’s Alright, so let’s, what’s the differences between the new pro and the air? Because I know that the last pro and the air were very similar.

eD! Thomas [42:10]

Oh, they are very similar.

Jeff Ritter[42:12]

But the new pros got the M one yet listen. Who we kidding?

eD! Thomas [42:16]

Yeah. Okay, go to somewhere on the same page. And the truth is,

Jeff Ritter[42:19]

even if you go with the old, I’m assuming that the pro probably starts at like 800 900 bucks, something like that.

eD! Thomas [42:28]

It does start 800 bucks. Yeah.

Jeff Ritter[42:30]

So if you were to go with that, how much more is that then the air,

eD! Thomas [42:34]

like 200 bucks if I get the base model, but it’s also doubling this amount of storage? Yeah, I mean, not that I would ever get the 64 or 128 version, I’m going to obviously get the 512 for 256. But still, it’s like a 200 bucks difference.

Jeff Ritter[42:46]

So something’s going to come out in 15. That is optimized for the M one chip. And you’re not going to have the M one chip. And you’re going to be annoyed. And while I’d love to tell you to buy the air so they can buy it from you for a deep discount in four months when 15 comes out. You know, damn well, you’re gonna be disappointed. You’re right, you know, damn, well, you’re gonna be disappointed. Oh,

eD! Thomas [43:14]

the 11 comes in a 256 for 900 bucks. That’s fine. That’s fine. So there you go. I don’t need the terabyte for the one that I’m using for basically like reading and watching movies. You definitely

Jeff Ritter[43:25]

don’t. But you do need the M one. Right? Yeah.

eD! Thomas [43:29]

I do need the terabyte for the bigger one. Because you know, that’s where I do work.

Jeff Ritter[43:34]

No, yeah. But we’re not talking about that’s already settled.

eD! Thomas [43:36]

Yeah, I’m just laying out to the people. So they

Jeff Ritter[43:39]

that’s that’s settled. You go with the terabyte on that one. So to summarize one of the more one of the more outlandish conversations we’ve had about this stuff. If you

eD! Thomas [43:54]

remember, like 20 minutes ago, we were talking about how buying a $450 air checks was wildly irresponsible decision. I’m still standing by that this is a much more responsible decision then that it is.

Jeff Ritter[44:07]

You think about it. You could buy a $450 piece of leather to hold your $30 air tag for a mere $500 more. You’re getting an iPad Pro with 256 gigs of storage and one chip. Yeah, you’re not getting that in our mez Tag,

eD! Thomas [44:24]

you’re not you know what? You just you just made the best possible case for it. You know, good work. Sing. I love it.

Jeff Ritter[44:32]

So you get an M one chip and a fucking Belkin key chain. You call it a day. Right. There you go. I hope I helped a little bit.

eD! Thomas [44:41]

You did see you did and I gotta tell you, I was talking about this to one of my friends at work and the same question of like, do I get the air do I get the pro and then we both said like, we’ve no I’m getting. And it’s like I’m gonna talk to Jeff first to see what he says. And then they were like, I’ve listened to your podcast. He’s gonna tell you what the proxy was like, I know but let me have content

Jeff Ritter[45:04]

and then he’s gonna call you and ask you which one he should get. And it’s, it’s gonna be a whole thing, right? Yeah, but you, if the air had the M one chip, I would say save the money and go with the air. The M one chip has the potential to be a game changer. like never before in the iPad Pro Series, right? I mean, yeah, it seems that seems to be the biggest revolution that I can think of in in the pros.

eD! Thomas [45:36]

I think this is where it’s gonna really diverge between your iPads and your iPad pros is gonna Yeah, things are gonna get real spicy there.

Jeff Ritter[45:45]

Yeah, you’re essentially getting an air. I’m sorry, a MacBook that runs iPad OS at this point. Yeah. You know, not to mention, you’re getting double the RAM. If you go with the pro versus the air, right, yeah. It’s just as a lot. That’s a lot more power for $200. That’s a lot more power for $200. Jeff, you’ve sold me you’ve spent $200 on a lump sum. I could we could do a whole episode where I list you the stupid things that this man has spent $200 on then upgrading to the Pro. I think folks have some sort of idea.

eD! Thomas [46:26]

Yeah, I think if you’ve listened to just this episode, you are already aware of my relationship with money. And how I just, it’s fine. You don’t want though? The truth is,

Jeff Ritter[46:38]

I think about it, you are not a big vise person. as true. You don’t drink very much if at all. You don’t do drugs. Right? You so you don’t gamble. You know? You think about all the money that people spend on all of those things. How dare somebody turn around and point a finger? I mean, listen, this is your hobby. Think about it. People pick up a hobby and go out and spend two $3,000 to start up on something like that. It’s Oh,

eD! Thomas [47:11]

that’s a good point. So that the next time that my friend is like, oh, why did you buy all these sayings? It’d be like you bought $100 bottle of whiskey. You’re never going to drink because it’s a collectible.

Jeff Ritter[47:21]

That’s crazy. That is crazy. Yeah, but again, this is it’s your hobby. You also generate money from the things that you do on here. That’s true. You get the upgraded one. Hey, and how about this? Think about your mom and dad. They’re eventually going to get these bad boys.

Unknown Speaker 47:37

That’s true. Yeah, me.

Jeff Ritter[47:39]

Are you fucking How dare you tell me that your parents are not worth an M one chip. It’s sort of a bitch. terrible job. You’re the worst son ever. You’re right.

eD! Thomas [47:50]

Um, piece of garbage. They deserve my M one hand me downs to write C

Jeff Ritter[47:53]

II ago.

eD! Thomas [47:54]

I’ve never let my parents down like that. Hey, you know, so I gave my dad my iPad Pro. 12 inch. The second gen one. I think that’s what you have to write.

Jeff Ritter[48:04]

Mine is the one where you still have to, like, Fuck the iPad with the pencil to charge it.

eD! Thomas [48:11]

That’s that’s the second. Yeah. The trading value on that went up from when I gave it to my parents. That’s odd. Yeah. So you might want to check on that.

Jeff Ritter[48:23]

Yeah, I just gave that to Juliana.

eD! Thomas [48:25]

She is well, if you if you convince her to let you trade it. She spent another $400 to get her 11 inch Pro. We did have one ship just saying oh man. And then not let her ever use it. Correct? Yes. So that’s I’m giving my dad this 12 inch I’m gonna trade and the other one.

Unknown Speaker 48:47

Biggie bam. There you go. Good idea

eD! Thomas [48:48]

pays for itself some how this it does between that there’s a $200 credit for that you get for activating a cellular plan for your iPad. And the 3% back on my apple card

Jeff Ritter[49:04]

pays for itself.

eD! Thomas [49:06]

I’m basically spending no money. You can’t see this. I’m doing the make it rain motion.

Jeff Ritter[49:09]

He is. You can kind of hear it. I hear it. Alright, so I think you’ve come out the other side with a clear plan.

eD! Thomas [49:20]

Yes. Spend 1000s of dollars on APR.

Jeff Ritter[49:24]

Literally. Ah, yeah. On your card where you will get cashback where you get no interest payments. You’re You’re in good shape. Yeah, no interest payments don’t count everybody. Sure. Here’s your nearly coherent finance Tip of the day. Yeah, if you get no interest payments, spend all you want. It’s not real. It’s not real money. It’s not real money.

Unknown Speaker 49:47

It’s not.

Jeff Ritter[49:48]

It’s not real money, money. You’re not even gonna notice that it’s gonna be such

eD! Thomas [49:51]

small dribs and drabs. You’re all set.

Jeff Ritter[49:54]

Don’t worry about it. Did they cover anything else? Did we miss anything?

eD! Thomas [49:57]

They didn’t cover anything else. There are other things that Like next week is going to be iOS 14.5 which will bring the ability to unlock your phone with your Apple Watch, and all the privacy things that are pissing off Mark Zuckerberg, so I can’t wait for it because nothing makes me happier than pissing off Mark Zuckerberg. There’s a whole bunch of new Apple watch bands that are out. There’s a braided solo loop in electric orange that your boy is going to be looking at odesza got the sport loop.

Jeff Ritter[50:24]

I have the braided sole loop in blue and it’s really the awesome is band ever.

eD! Thomas [50:29]

I bought the kumquats sport loop. I thought I was buying the cumquat sport band. I was wrong. But I still bought it in the right size. So I’ll take it. Does it have some stretch to it to take it off? Yeah, it’s great. I love this.

Jeff Ritter[50:48]

Is it the silicone? Yeah.

eD! Thomas [50:50]

It’s just like a sport band. Yeah.

Jeff Ritter[50:52]

Okay. Yeah, I am a big. Now that I need to convince you to buy this braided loop. You’re going to like to break the loop better.

eD! Thomas [51:01]

Okay, that’s good. It breathes a little bit better. So I need, I need a little bit more breathe, breathes a little bit better. It’s

Jeff Ritter[51:07]

like, you really don’t even notice that it’s on your wrist. Perfect. It’s awesome. So you’re gonna be very happy with that. So yeah,

eD! Thomas [51:15]

I’ll get that. There’s also going to be new iPhone cases. in different colors. There’s an electric orange iPad smart folio that is going to be in this house somewhere. And new Irma’s Apple watch bands. That’s let’s find out how much it costs. Let’s click here. Let’s go to buy. And that is a 12 $100 watch band.

Jeff Ritter[51:45]

Pass that is re dickless hate it.

eD! Thomas [51:50]

So yeah, a whole bunch of updates. Come in. That there you go. That’s our that’s that’s the apple news.

Jeff Ritter[51:57]

That’s a lot.

eD! Thomas [51:58]

We did it another successful Apple episode.

Jeff Ritter[52:02]

I think we made it. We did it. We made it babies. Were in there. Poof. Well done, buddy.

eD! Thomas [52:07]

Thank you. I’m so you know, honestly, I’m proud of both of us. We we took this journey together. I feel good about it. I hope you feel good about it. I hope everybody’s sitting there being like, how’s this kid going to spend all this money? And I’m gonna just tell you none of your damn business.

Jeff Ritter[52:22]

Yeah, definitely none of your none of your business and how dare you even ask? I will tell you I am not proud of the fact that I did not know the answer to the two questions that you asked me I still feel a little bit bad. Even though you did cut me off on the remote before I even got to say the answer there. But that’s okay. I still should have had it quicker. But other than that, I’m very I think I’m overall I’m pleased

eD! Thomas [52:47]

I’m gonna tell you what, I’m going to cut it so that you say the remote before I do. And therefore you’re going to sound you’re a peach and pretty. I’m not changing the one about your wife joining Apple card because that one honestly, that one grinds my gears a little bit. I will be the first one to tell you let me have it. I deserve that one. The other one you don’t deserve the other ones on me. I wasn’t patient. That’s fair. All right, man. So I’m gonna go edit this episode so we can have it out soon.

Jeff Ritter[53:17]

Oh, hopefully it’s not too much. It’ll be fine. it go. I’ll talk to you. I want to talk to you. I can’t wait to see the new stuff when it comes in by the way.

eD! Thomas [53:25]

Oh my god, it’s gonna be so good. The credit card bill but the stuff? No, no, nobody wants to see the credit card bill. I’m not gonna even open up the wallet app.

Jeff Ritter[53:34]

Money anyone’s gonna pay what’s due at the end of the month. Call of the day.