eD! and Jeff get back together like a sexy podcasting Voltron to discuss the horrors of feet, the glory of the “Weird Al” biopic, the ongoing nightmare that is the threat of COVID Dick, the heartbreak of heroes lost, the excitement of new sportsball heroes, and memories from decades gone by of a dude who should have been wearing a lot more on the beach!

Also, no Dave this episode, so this is a perfect soundtrack for those sexytimes you might be hoping to have tonight, although this episode is longer than 15 seconds so it might not be the best idea you ever had, endurance-wise.

Oh, yeah, we’re going to be releasing these things every other week from now on, and we’re already ahead of the game, prepared-episode-wise, so no more 27 year gaps between episodes, probably.

And if you want to get those lightbulbs that eD! talks about, homies, we got you.

Transcript (As Determined By Robots)

[00:00:00] Jeff Ritter: Oh,

[00:00:00] eD! Thomas: Well the moon. Oh yes.

[00:00:02] Jeff Ritter: Shit. My bad. I was, I was thinking about another thing that I want to talk about. I went to ride over the intro, didn’t I?

[00:00:09] eD! Thomas: You did, you did. You were so excited. You’re so hyped to do this that you’re like, “oh, forget fat boy’s intro.”

[00:00:17] Jeff Ritter: always cause I’m never prepared or so when I think of things, I get very excited.

[00:00:23] eD! Thomas: Listen, anytime that I see you, I’m very excited. So I understand. Welcome to the Nearly Coherent podcast. I’m eD!. And speaking of people who make me excited that you’ve already heard because that’s not getting edited out at all. It’s the Jake to my Elwood. Uh, that’s the blues brothers reference. It was the

[00:00:40] Jeff Ritter: is a blues brothers reference.

[00:00:42] eD! Thomas: movie I watched in 20 22.

Is that the year we’re in? I think it is. Uh, yeah, that was the first movie I watched. I made a

[00:00:49] Jeff Ritter: glance past that. So why? Like why that one?

[00:00:56] eD! Thomas: I love that movie

[00:00:57] Jeff Ritter: Uh, no, it’s fair.

[00:00:58] eD! Thomas: needed. I need, I need the Elwood in the church, listening to James Brown, sort of energy to get me back on track. That’s what I need. I need a mission from God. And I think that’s what we’re on tonight, sir. You and I we’re doing the Lord’s

[00:01:13] Jeff Ritter: dumb, jazzed up about this Huh? Okay. Well, there it is I’m I’m, I’m glad, I’m glad to be here first Uh, first, first time in awhile,

[00:01:25] eD! Thomas: Yeah. I

[00:01:26] Jeff Ritter: time in a

[00:01:27] eD! Thomas: first episode in a while and we just whiffed the intro so hard. I’m just like, screw it. I don’t even care.

[00:01:33] Jeff Ritter: You’re living in the moment right now. Where do you go back and listen to that fucking gold that we stumbled on.

[00:01:39] eD! Thomas: You’re probably right.

[00:01:40] Jeff Ritter: good. We’re good. We’re kicking off this dumpster fire of a year correctly.

[00:01:45] eD! Thomas: Yeah, isn’t it cool how now we’re just at the point of like, it’s not, you know, oh, I’m going to make resolutions, like the year better fricking shape itself up, cause I ain’t doing shit. That’s where I’m at. Yeah.

[00:01:59] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. I’m, I’m one of those P I’m blaming it on the year. I’m steps away from thinking that the position of the stars when I was born makes a fucking difference in the outcome of my life.

[00:02:11] eD! Thomas: Yeah, honestly, I

[00:02:12] Jeff Ritter: I’m I’m that close?

[00:02:14] eD! Thomas: Right now, all I’m doing is watching noodle, the pug on Tik Tok tell me if it’s a bones dare or no bones day, but so I’m basically there.

[00:02:22] Jeff Ritter: I’m stuck in my four-year almost four year old, loves the music from “Encanto”, but does not like watching the movie because there are scary parts to her. So I just keep watching the same four fucking songs over and over and over.

[00:02:40] eD! Thomas: Yeah. That’s that’s you know what? That sounds terrible.

[00:02:44] Jeff Ritter: Terrible. The songs? Awesome,

[00:02:47] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:02:48] Jeff Ritter: but not over and over and over.

[00:02:50] eD! Thomas: now, not, not like maybe a little variety here or there. Maybe, you know what you should do. You should introduce your daughter to the Jay Z Lincoln Park crossover album. And just have a Numb /Encore play like every third time.

[00:03:08] Jeff Ritter: Okay, just pepper it in there.

[00:03:10] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:03:11] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. I have a feeling that that would, that would be the thing that pushes me over the edge.

[00:03:17] eD! Thomas: Okay.

[00:03:18] Jeff Ritter: That would be the thing I’m I’m dangerously close. That would be the one that would be

[00:03:24] eD! Thomas: the line. That’s the red line that we better not cross. I get it. I get it. Yeah.

[00:03:28] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. I, um, can I tell you a quick story?

[00:03:32] eD! Thomas: You can please.

[00:03:33] Jeff Ritter: so little bad news on the old homestead,

[00:03:38] eD! Thomas: Oh no.

[00:03:39] Jeff Ritter: The heir to the throne broke his ankle in two places last. Yeah, yeah. Broke up, broke the bone like that, like right on the ball of your ankle broke, broke a bone, like right over there and then broke one in his foot.

[00:03:55] eD! Thomas: if I may, you said ball continue.

[00:03:59] Jeff Ritter: If you, if you may. Oh, I said ball. Got it. I’m I’m there. I’m following you.

[00:04:04] eD! Thomas: Yeah. You got this. Don’t even worry. Don’t even worry about it.

[00:04:07] Jeff Ritter: , He was playing basketball and kid from the other team.

My son jumped up and the kid just kind of shoved them like while he was in the air and he came down crooked and, uh, that was, it rolled his ankle and the tendons kind of toward the, you know, crack the bone. I don’t know the whole physiology of it, but, um, I’m going to tell. There has never been a 12 year old, closer to having a bearded 38 year old man beat the fucking life out of him as that kid was.

And I will tell you the only reason, the only reason why he did not as, because I did not want to go viral for beating up a 12.

[00:04:57] eD! Thomas: Yeah, no.

[00:04:57] Jeff Ritter: If, if this was before the days of cell phones, I would have beaten that child within an inch of his life .

[00:05:36] eD! Thomas: That’s rough. It has your son handling it. I mean, I was in a boot. I presume he’s in a boot. Uh, by which, I mean like a B-O-O-T, not Canadian “about”.

[00:05:47] Jeff Ritter: Yes. I I, yeah,

[00:05:49] eD! Thomas: I don’t want Sandy to get confused, so…

[00:05:51] Jeff Ritter: Nope. Nor is he in the trunk of a car in the UK.

[00:05:55] eD! Thomas: Right. Yes. That is also very likely a confusion point for some of our listeners. So I’m glad you clarified.

[00:06:03] Jeff Ritter: Especially those of “Ted Lasso” fan, because that is how I know that the “trunk” is called a “boot”.

[00:06:09] eD! Thomas: Sure.

[00:06:11] Jeff Ritter: Anyway, he is in a boot. So he should have a cast because he can’t put any, not that he should ever cast, but because of the break, he’s not supposed to put any weight on it. Typically when that happens, you cast it instead of a boot.

So you’re not tempted to walk, but. I guess it’s, you know, better for his skin. He can sleep without the boot on and he can, it’s a lot easier to bathe without the boot on and stuff like that. So that is what he’s doing. And the doctor gave him a Walker, like.

[00:06:48] eD! Thomas: He gave him a Texas Ranger?

[00:06:49] Jeff Ritter: Fucking shady. I wish. No, he gave him like a Shady Acres Rest Home, fucking tennis balls on the bottom walker. That’s what my 12 year old son had. And I, you know, I guess this doctor really is good and really thought things through. I didn’t take him, my wife did. But I’m like how is it that my son is the only motherfucker that breaks his leg and doesn’t get crutches in the history of kids breaking legs?

So I felt terrible for him.

I’m like, and walking with a walker is such a chore. I’m like, how is he going to go all over the place? Like a class on one side of the building to class on the other, down to the lunch room, back to his locker. I’m like, there’s no way. So I ended up getting him one of these, those knee scooters.

[00:07:36] eD! Thomas: Oh, yeah. Okay.

[00:07:37] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. I was able to get him a knee scooter, so he’s pumped about that, but still. Poor kid breaks his leg has to be in this like huge boot in the winter. Um, gets handed a walker. I could not, I just, I couldn’t believe it. I could not believe it, but he is doing, you know, he is doing pretty well.

[00:07:59] eD! Thomas: Okay. That’s that’s good to know. I mean, like, as you know, last year I hurt my foot, so I, too, was in a boot, so boot solidarity, uh, and recently I, once again injured my foot. Uh, so I’m with him on that. I, uh,

[00:08:16] Jeff Ritter: Are you

[00:08:17] eD! Thomas: I broke a pinky toe

[00:08:18] Jeff Ritter: Oh,

[00:08:19] eD! Thomas: No, no, no, no. It’s just a pinky toe. It’s

[00:08:20] Jeff Ritter: fine.

Yeah. Boom. Nothing. They can’t, they don’t like, Hey, here’s what your shoe back on and get the fuck out. Like

[00:08:26] eD! Thomas: Why did you shoot? Is this some foot fetish thing? You just wanted us to look at your feet? You freak show. I guess I did.

[00:08:32] Jeff Ritter: That’s painful.

[00:08:32] eD! Thomas: For the record, for the record, ladies and gentlemen, feet are weird and I want no part of it just so that we’re

[00:08:38] Jeff Ritter: I don’t get foot fetishes, either. They’re weird. Feet are gross.

[00:08:41] eD! Thomas: Yeah, feet are so terrible. So they’d be like, yo, why don’t you crank me off with your feet?

Like, no. Why don’t you keep your feet away from me? I, as I, as I’ve always said, I am saving my feet. The only person that’s going to see them is my wife on her wedding night.

[00:08:56] Jeff Ritter: Yeah,

[00:08:56] eD! Thomas: Uh, until then the socks stay on.

[00:08:59] Jeff Ritter: Absolutely. And, and, you know, it’s

[00:09:02] eD! Thomas: Even in a pool. I don’t care. I’m just, I’m just wearing socks all the time.

[00:09:06] Jeff Ritter: You’re not, not just like the fat kid wearing a shirt, you’re the guy wearing, like set a tube socks in the pool.

[00:09:14] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. And for the record, the shirt I wear is not because I’m fat, it’s because I’m super sensitive to the sun.

[00:09:22] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. so

[00:09:23] eD! Thomas: much better by the way.

[00:09:25] Jeff Ritter: that is, it really is the old, it’s like the older person’s version of being too fat to not go in the pool without a shirt. You’re like, “Yeah, I get sunburned real easily,” you know, and I was not calling you the fat kid, that I said you were like the fat kid that wears a shirt except you’re wearing tube socks.

[00:09:43] eD! Thomas: Yeah. No, but I want it to be

[00:09:44] Jeff Ritter: of them, by the way.

[00:09:45] eD! Thomas: yeah, of course. Yeah. You know it,

what up? Yup. That is, that is, that’s just, I’m just wandering in it’s. Uh, it’s very European. I was in Miami one time and, uh, I went on the beach and there was an older gentlemen who was sagging in all the wrong spots wearing what could only be referred to as a genital eyepatch, uh, just walking across the beach, proud as could be. Just sack, swingin’.

[00:10:15] Jeff Ritter: I was just going to ask you, what did it, what did it cover?

[00:10:18] eD! Thomas: Uh, it basically, it covered just the, uh, the meat and two veg as it were. But that was it. It was just like you wrap that in a little baggie and then it was swinging. And let me tell you, it was pretty tight. So, so it didn’t do anything. It was horrible.

[00:10:36] Jeff Ritter: That’s given me that it’s given me that like VR, that vomit

[00:10:40] eD! Thomas: Yeah. The, the,

[00:10:41] Jeff Ritter: Back of my mouth. That’s

[00:10:42] eD! Thomas: Yeah, you think that’s bad? You’re just hearing about it, buddy!

[00:10:46] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. That’s a good, that’s an excellent point. That’s an excellent point

[00:10:50] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:10:51] Jeff Ritter: As much as you visualize it.

[00:10:53] eD! Thomas: For like 22 years and yeah, uncomfortable.

[00:10:59] Jeff Ritter: Yeah,

So that’s, uh, you know, when we go back to. Well, going back to like the fetish and stuff. I will tell you. So, uh, feet are, are, are up there. That’s like they’re gross to look at, but, um, yeah. Uh, male genitalia is, is not, is not a true, I

[00:11:19] eD! Thomas: It looks, like a cuddle fish.

[00:11:20] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. Male genitalia is not great to look at either.

[00:11:23] eD! Thomas: Let me throw it out there that all these times I hear about women being like, “Oh, I get so many unsolicited dick pics?” I wouldn’t send a solicited one. Like nobody wants to see this. I, I, God, it’s no, it’s weird.


[00:11:37] Jeff Ritter: none of them it’s yet. It’s weird

[00:11:40] eD! Thomas: And you may sit there and be like, “No, but I’ve got a real handsome dick.” I got to assure you: you do not. Cause no one does. Maybe Hugh Jackman, maybe Hugh Jackman’s got something. I don’t know, but I doubt it. And if Hugh Jackman a handsome dick, you most certainly do not.

[00:11:56] Jeff Ritter: I’m going to say, even like, even a handsome dick is still as Dave would call it being the, the, the tall kid in the short line.

[00:12:06] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah,

[00:12:08] Jeff Ritter: Or something that makes sense. Right. They’re all, they’re all ugly. They’re all funny looking. I don’t get it.

[00:12:17] eD! Thomas: No. I don’t either. I don’t know.

[00:12:21] Jeff Ritter: Have you seen boobies? How does it unfair? How was that fair

[00:12:26] eD! Thomas: Yeah, I know. I know. It’s ridiculous.

[00:12:30] Jeff Ritter: They’re great! Anyway.

[00:12:34] eD! Thomas: Boobies. A-plus. Big fan.

[00:12:37] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, five stars for sure. Well, any of them pretty much.

[00:12:41] eD! Thomas: Honestly, I can’t think of a single one of them where I was like, “Ooh, no, I don’t want to see that again.”

[00:12:45] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. I’m I’m with it. That is one thing that I am definitely very, very body positive about. You got them, flaunt them.

[00:12:55] eD! Thomas: Yup.

[00:12:56] Jeff Ritter: Any of them.

[00:12:57] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Just do it.

Speaking of wieners, professional transition, can I talk to you about a new side effect of COVID I just read about?

[00:13:10] Jeff Ritter: Absolutely.

[00:13:11] eD! Thomas: All right. So, um, basically there’s been some studies done and mostly, you know, it’s a small sample size, so maybe mostly anecdotal, but, uh, it’s starting to gain traction. After having COVID, not only can you have erectile dysfunction problems, your dick could shrink.

[00:13:37] Jeff Ritter: That is a

[00:13:39] eD! Thomas: Hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I’m not done. I’m not done. It gets worse. Jeff. It gets worse. There’s been a case where somebody’s dick shrunk a full inch and a half. I’d have no dick left if that happened to me. An inch and a half. dick would turn into a black hole. It would absorb everything around me.

And then I just suck myself in. The dreams since school.

[00:14:07] Jeff Ritter: That is that is. Yeah. All right. I don’t even know how to, well, hold on, hold on. First of all, before I, while I try to figure out how to process this, let me compliment you on that transition.

[00:14:20] eD! Thomas: Thank you. Thank you very

[00:14:21] Jeff Ritter: I had no idea where you were going and well done. Well done.

[00:14:27] eD! Thomas: baby. What I do.

[00:14:29] Jeff Ritter: I like that, you know, popped into your head and you’re like, oh, wait a second.

I don’t want him to mention COVID Dick. This is a perfect time. Um, Yeah. I don’t know if I believe that, or maybe I’m just hoping that that isn’t true because like w where do the side effects stop of this? Like, isn’t this just like a really, isn’t this just like, kind of a cold that then like, attacks your respiratory.

Like I’ve had the flu before.

[00:15:02] eD! Thomas: Apparently it turns you, it gives you like brain fog. It shrinks your dick. Literally. That’s, there’s some anal leakage that I read. Spot in. And like, this is, this is not, I don’t know why people are taking this as not serious. Your dick could shrink and your butt could leak.

This is the most serious disease I’ve ever heard in my life!

[00:15:24] Jeff Ritter: Right. You, you lose your sense of taste. You lose your sense of smell. Then you may

[00:15:28] eD! Thomas: I reiterate small,

[00:15:30] Jeff Ritter: it back. You, your dick, shrinks,

[00:15:32] eD! Thomas: but


[00:15:33] Jeff Ritter: This has more side effects than the original Baked Lays. This is fucking terrible.

[00:15:43] eD! Thomas: is Olean. It’s terrible.

[00:15:45] Jeff Ritter: is the Yeah.

It’s the Olean of viruses.

[00:15:49] eD! Thomas: Can I tell you my, my alternate joke instead of talking about how my dick would be invisible and, uh, caused me to turn into a black hole. Okay. Can you tell you the alternate take? The, uh, the other joke was, uh, so I’m going to now retroactively announced that I’ve had COVID since the time anyone’s ever first seen my dick.

[00:16:06] Jeff Ritter: I was just going to say, I am going to introduce myself as, Hey, I’m Jeff. I’ve had COVID four times. Uh, that’ll tell you a lot about me. You’ll see. You’ll see. When I send you an unsolicited dick pig, by the way, how many times is this guy in COVID? Jesus.

[00:16:26] eD! Thomas: Although, I must say the macro mode on the new iPhone is great.

[00:16:30] Jeff Ritter: I only have the

[00:16:31] eD! Thomas: really presented. Oh. So you can’t even do that.

[00:16:33] Jeff Ritter: and even, I can’t even, I can’t even send a good quality dick pick now.

[00:16:38] eD! Thomas: Everything’s like from a Motorola razor, it’s just, it’s it’s a Game Boy photo module. It’s all green and black. It’s

[00:16:48] Jeff Ritter: So here’s the thing we’re going to have to go tit for tat here. So you just told me about something that did not know of, I have something that I would love to think that you don’t know about, but it’s going to be fucking hard to believe if you don’t know about this. So you’re going to have to promise me you’re going to play along.

[00:17:10] eD! Thomas: I will, I will do my best acting job possible to try to make it seem like I don’t know about this. All right, hold on. Hold on, hold on. I gotta got to switch glasses here. Okay. All right. The people can’t see this, so it doesn’t help them, but it helps me. All right. We’re now wearing

[00:17:27] Jeff Ritter: helps me as well. It’s like a new episode. Um, so there is a new biopic coming out

[00:17:39] eD! Thomas: Okay.

[00:17:41] Jeff Ritter: I I don’t have enough. Superlatives or adjectives to describe what this man means to you, but there’s a new biopic coming out that I’m going to bet heavily that you’re excited for. Um, although when it comes out, there’s I find that there’s no way that you’re going to love this movie.

I think it is the Weird Al biopic.

[00:18:09] eD! Thomas: I

[00:18:09] Jeff Ritter: making a movie.

[00:18:10] eD! Thomas: of this.

This is all new information. I am surprised!

[00:18:18] Jeff Ritter: So here’s more guests who they have playing Weird Al. I’ll give you, uh, two guesses.

[00:18:24] eD! Thomas: Emo Phillips.

[00:18:26] Jeff Ritter: It is not

[00:18:28] eD! Thomas: Lee Iacocca.

[00:18:30] Jeff Ritter: It is not, he was in the running little old. Is he alive? I don’t think he’s he, is he now that he’s alive? Uh, it is,

[00:18:39] eD! Thomas: a good, comedy name. Cause it’s got a lot of hard sounds in it.

[00:18:44] Jeff Ritter: it is. That is a good name.

[00:18:45] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:18:46] Jeff Ritter: But no, it is everybody’s third favorite wizard, Daniel Radcliffe.

[00:18:53] eD! Thomas: Oh, wow. That is incredible!

[00:18:55] Jeff Ritter: It’s new, this new information. This is new

[00:19:00] eD! Thomas: fathom it.

[00:19:01] Jeff Ritter: I’m so glad that I found out about this before you, I get to tell you about a Weird Al movie. Now, let me go back to my commentary before I, I said who it was. I read about this. I said to myself, This, I want it. by the way, show that news on apple plus, which I know you don’t look at because it’s Apple related.

So I, I go,

[00:19:26] eD! Thomas: What is Apple?

[00:19:28] Jeff Ritter: I can’t wait to break this to eD!. Although I have a feeling that he will not like this movie. I don’t think there’s a way for them to do this movie justice. I just don’t… All right. Here’s what I related to you have had, not that you’ve had major problems, but you’ve had, there’s been some like disappointments and stuff with various Spider-Man movies and stuff like that. Batman movies. I have not been your favorite. Not all of them, a couple in particular. And if I remember correctly, you asked, is Superman your favorite from of the DC superheroes?

[00:20:15] eD! Thomas: Yes.

[00:20:17] Jeff Ritter: So those didn’t go well. So I look at it as he had some issues with Spider-Man. I won’t say that you disliked the Spider-Man movies.

Uh, you would not offended the second one

[00:20:29] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:20:30] Jeff Ritter: second Tom Holland.

[00:20:31] eD! Thomas: one, the second time Holland, when I, I did not like, uh, and mostly because of the ending though, so.

[00:20:38] Jeff Ritter: Okay, which is fair. The Superman one was the big one for me. Cause I’m like, I know where he holds Superman and it was a let down. And if Superman’s here, which by the way, I am holding my hand about midway up the screen, everybody then Weird Al is here and I am now holding my hands significantly higher folks.

If you catch my drift, I just don’t see how they’re going to meet expectations.

[00:21:07] eD! Thomas: Well, hold on. Let me do some research real quick, because I’ve never heard of this movie before. Hold on.

[00:21:14] Jeff Ritter: We can edit out all this time that he’s taking to research just in case because he hasn’t heard of it yet. Breaking the news to him.

[00:21:21] eD! Thomas: Yes. So here’s where the difference must be. Man of Steel was written by David Goyer and Zack Snyder. Spider-Man was written by other people who I don’t remember because I thought they did an okay job, and therefore I don’t hold them in distain like I do David Goyer and Zack Snyder.

The Weird Al movie is co-written by Weird Al.

[00:21:46] Jeff Ritter: Uh, I’m I’m glad that you read my email synopsis that I sent you about it just now, very nice.

[00:21:54] eD! Thomas: Just now I did. Yes, I speed read. Um, it’s it’s also based according to this thing that I’ve never seen before on the short, from Funny Or Die Weird Al Yankovic story. So it’s going to be similar to that, which is absolutely nothing about his actual life. It is all falsified.

[00:22:15] Jeff Ritter: Yeah.

I know. I, I I’m really playing in fast and loose with bio with, with biopic. Cause it’s, it’s not going to, it’s going to be about as much of a biopic as Walk Hard was. So, yeah, so you are, you are correct. I did not know that, um, that Weird himself was going to be writing it, and that does drastically change my opinion on this.

And, um, and

[00:22:41] eD! Thomas: According to this article that I’m very clearly reading and not reciting from memory because I read it so many times today that my face has been just, I’ve been a non-stop smile the entire day. Weird Al said that he promised after UHF that to his fans, that he would release a new movie like clockwork every 33 years.

And this is him keeping that promise.

[00:23:05] Jeff Ritter: Uh, that’s wonderful. That is wonderful. Well, I’m glad. Cause I was nervous. I was nervous for you that the expectations would be so high that you were going to walk away with with hopes dashed.

[00:23:20] eD! Thomas: No, I

[00:23:21] Jeff Ritter: that won’t be the case.

[00:23:22] eD! Thomas: I’m, I sincerely doubt it. I think this is going to be just crazy and bizarre and I’m going to love it.

[00:23:30] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. That’s excellent. I’m glad to hear,

[00:23:32] eD! Thomas: Do you know where the movie’s going to be playing so that people can keep an eye out for it?

[00:23:38] Jeff Ritter: uh, Yes. As I told you in the email, it’s going to be playing at

[00:23:43] eD! Thomas: Oh, w oh, it’s going to be on the Roku channel

[00:23:46] Jeff Ritter: right? It’s going to be on Roko.

[00:23:49] eD! Thomas: Yep. Okay. Streaming release. Do they hang out? Does your email say if they have an Apple TV, they don’t have an Apple TV app. So you, you have to mirror it from the app on your phone or iPad. Okay. Got it. Got it. Got it. Yeah. Thank you for that email, by the way.

I wish you’d sent it a little earlier, so I could have reviewed it and had any of this in my head already, but I appreciate you sending it in.

[00:24:12] Jeff Ritter: I, you know what? I enjoyed the element of surprise.

[00:24:14] eD! Thomas: You knocked me right on my ass.

[00:24:16] Jeff Ritter: By the way you could also buy a Roku player and then return it if you don’t want a mirror. Um, and I think this fire does the fire TV stick have it,

[00:24:29] eD! Thomas: I don’t

[00:24:30] Jeff Ritter: One of them

[00:24:31] eD! Thomas: it does, but I’ll check

[00:24:34] Jeff Ritter: One of the, I think one of them does. I think the Xbox might have it, if the Fire TV doesn’t.

I’m being very selfish and thinking of different streaming media boxes that I have in my house. So,

[00:24:45] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Like, like I don’t have them all in my house to come on now.

[00:24:49] Jeff Ritter: yeah, that’s

[00:24:49] eD! Thomas: What do you think this is? Amateur hour.

[00:24:51] Jeff Ritter: No, that’s that’s right. I forgot. Who am I? What I would

[00:24:54] eD! Thomas: I may not know. May not have known about a movie starring, possibly my favorite person on the planet. That’s not you. Uh, but.

[00:25:04] Jeff Ritter: possible. He’s your favorite? We know. And it’s okay.

[00:25:08] eD! Thomas: Yeah, he is. He is my

[00:25:10] Jeff Ritter: And I’ll tell you what professional transition he holds that title alone. Unfortunately, now.

[00:25:17] eD! Thomas: Ah, that’s true. So true. Like I am so sad that I’m not going to get another chance to use a joke about there being a Betty White sex scene in a Disney movie. And my plan of marrying her. So I could get those residuals from golden girls after, you know, she never doubly dies or berries me is a heartbreaking, I love Betty White as you know,

[00:25:49] Jeff Ritter: I, so for everybody out there, when the, when the news broke. Because I think we should mention, it’s not, I feel like a lot of people young, maybe like younger people that didn’t watch the golden girls don’t know what golden palace is, you know, Like they, they almost like her ironically, like they do so many things, which is why I am a grumpy old man.

I fucking hate everybody younger than me. um,

want people to understand that you, in No. way loved her Ironically,

[00:26:27] eD! Thomas: No. I

[00:26:28] Jeff Ritter: this has been,

[00:26:29] eD! Thomas: heart.

[00:26:30] Jeff Ritter: you know how people always say like, oh, I liked this before. It was cool.

[00:26:34] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:26:35] Jeff Ritter: have been, you have been on the Betty White bandwagon since before the day I met.

[00:26:43] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:26:44] Jeff Ritter: So I actually texted you. I, texted eD! when she, when she passed away to check on him, just like, I mean, like if a family member had died, I sent him like, Hey, you know, listen, if there’s anything I can do, let me know. you, know, like it was,

[00:27:01] eD! Thomas: Can I,

[00:27:02] Jeff Ritter: I knew he.

[00:27:02] eD! Thomas: I, you, you are the first to get there, but I found it heartwarming. The number of people that actually did.

[00:27:10] Jeff Ritter: I had no, I had no doubt that it was, that many people, dude, I’m telling you,

[00:27:14] eD! Thomas: a good number of people were like, are you okay? I’m like, no, but

[00:27:19] Jeff Ritter: yeah.

cause this thing popped up everywhere. I, I must’ve texted you within probably within one or two minutes of the, the news even breaking, because I was like, first of all, he already knows. Cause there’s I can’t, I don’t know how many countless Twitter accounts that you follow. Probably mention her multiple times a week.

[00:27:39] eD! Thomas: It was a lot.

[00:27:41] Jeff Ritter: And so I knew, I knew you were going to know, but I remember I said, you know, I’m like, God, I’m glad that you already know. I did not want to be the one to break that deal.

[00:27:50] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:27:50] Jeff Ritter: You know, it’s like, when that’s like, when you were in, when you were in elementary school and somebody like grandparent died, and then they got the call and had to go down to the office, he imagined being the person, the teacher that had to do that.

That’s what I felt like telling you about Betty. I was so glad I dodged that

[00:28:06] eD! Thomas: Oh my God. I was, I was just so glad that I heard about it before Dave texted because I, he, he, he already got Chadwick Boseman on me and I, I would have been furious if he was too.

[00:28:19] Jeff Ritter: that’s the worst way to find out for Dave to break news to you?

[00:28:22] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Any news at all, like you can be, I won the lottery and I just you’d be like, no. Why did you have to be the one to tell

[00:28:30] Jeff Ritter: anyone dying is Dave finding out about it. That’s fucked up. it’s true though.

[00:28:42] eD! Thomas: the worst part about living, sharing the planet with Dave

[00:28:46] Jeff Ritter: Yes. Yeah. Although I, I, I feel like I should say this. I don’t want him to die.

[00:28:54] eD! Thomas: No, no, no, no, no, no. Of course not.

[00:28:57] Jeff Ritter: I, I want to continue being able to bitch about him.

[00:29:00] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:29:02] Jeff Ritter: mostly why I don’t want him to die.

[00:29:05] eD! Thomas: Well that, and I don’t want Lisa to, you know, Deal with all the rigmarole of not just throwing them in a trash bag and leaving them on the side of the road to be buried, like,

[00:29:16] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, that’s a shame. That’s a shame. That’s, that’s kind of how he should go.

[00:29:20] eD! Thomas: Yeah, it is.

[00:29:21] Jeff Ritter: Like a Chris, like a Christmas tree.

like eD! January 4th.

[00:29:27] eD! Thomas: Yeah,

[00:29:27] Jeff Ritter: Dave is a Christmas tree, out of here.

[00:29:31] eD! Thomas: Hey, in a completely unprofessional transition. Uh, you like sports balls.

[00:29:38] Jeff Ritter: I do. That’s a that’s that’s a fact I’m

[00:29:41] eD! Thomas: And

[00:29:42] Jeff Ritter: wearing a shirt for the

[00:29:44] eD! Thomas: remember this, I actually remember this because Dave also likes sports, but I don’t want to ask him questions because then I’d have to talk to him. So I had a question for you because I, uh, I have a new favorite sports person and I don’t know how to say their name. So

[00:30:01] Jeff Ritter: Wait, what sport.

[00:30:03] eD! Thomas: Basketball.

[00:30:04] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:30:05] eD! Thomas: They’re on the Milwaukee Bucks.

[00:30:08] Jeff Ritter: Oh yeah. Okay. So I

[00:30:12] eD! Thomas: I was on

[00:30:12] Jeff Ritter: really know who you’re talking about,

[00:30:14] eD! Thomas: Okay. Okay. So I

[00:30:15] Jeff Ritter: tell you, go ahead. You’re on

[00:30:16] eD! Thomas: on Twitter and I saw this video pop up, talking about this sports dude, uh, having Oreos on his Thanksgiving menu. And then he talks for minutes like the way that I spoke about a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, like 27 weeks ago, or three episodes. I, he was talking about dunking Oreos in milk and, and just the pure joy of it was I was all, I was like, yo, I’m a fan of this dude.

And then I saw another video of him, where he was doing a signing as like some girl handed him a folder of pictures and he was sitting there and be like, this is awesome. And came and gave her a hug. And I’d just like it when celebrities are cooled, like

[00:30:59] Jeff Ritter: and the, and he’s, and he’s, he’s very cool. He’s

[00:31:02] eD! Thomas: he seems cool.

What’s his name?

[00:31:06] Jeff Ritter: okay. So I’m going to help you out. I’m going to help you out halfway because there’s no fucking chance I can pronounce his last name.

[00:31:13] eD! Thomas: Okay.

[00:31:14] Jeff Ritter: So his first name and. It looks like Janice. Right?

[00:31:19] eD! Thomas: Yes. Yes.

[00:31:21] Jeff Ritter: So it’s pronounced Yonis.

[00:31:23] eD! Thomas: That’s already confusing to me.

[00:31:25] Jeff Ritter: It’s pronounced. Yeah.

It’s pronounced the Yanis, um, I really genuinely am not even going to take a crack at his last name. It’s

[00:31:34] eD! Thomas: Yeah, it is.

[00:31:35] Jeff Ritter: it’s a, it’s a tough one. Um,

[00:31:37] eD! Thomas: as, a dude who spells his name with the second letter capitalized, and it’s only two letters long. I’m not here to make anybody try to pronounce the name as longer than that.

[00:31:45] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, right. You went for, you went for almost the easiest version of your name as your everyday nickname. So yeah, he’s so Yanis, they call him the Greek Freak.

[00:31:57] eD! Thomas: Okay.

[00:31:58] Jeff Ritter: Um, cause he’s from him and his brother. Well, obviously his brother, but even his brother are from they’re actually from Greece.

Um, maybe, and now that I think about it, that might, that’s probably why he doesn’t know about, uh, dunking, Oreos, and milk. That might not be a thing that the Greeks know about very possible have never done my research. Um,

[00:32:21] eD! Thomas: And we’re not going to start now.

[00:32:22] Jeff Ritter: I’m so would you say he’s your favorite basketball.

[00:32:25] eD! Thomas: Yes, easily.

[00:32:27] Jeff Ritter: It’s a good choice.

He’s a good dude. I’ve seen multiple, multiple videos. Let me tell you about, I won’t get into sports too much, but there’s somebody that I’ve seen a bunch of different videos on that I think is worth mentioning and we can pronounce his name. He is a soccer player, which I never thought I’d mentioned.

Cause that sport is fucking horrible to watch. Um, unless highlights, I can’t watch, I can’t watch 90 minutes to watch him score one goddamn goal, or none by the way, cause you can end in a tie. So this guy Cristiana Rinaldo, he’s one of the greatest in the world. Probably one of the greatest of all time, but this guy does so many things for people. When you talk about superstars and celebrities being cool, this guy can hang with any of them. You know, the one time they wanted to get him to sign a pair of cleats so that they could put it in an auction to raise money for a kid who was having surgery.

He signed the cleats, sent them to the kid and then paid for the kid’s whole entire fucking surgery.

[00:33:41] eD! Thomas: That’s

[00:33:41] Jeff Ritter: Himself paid for it himself never met the kid, which I thought was awesome.

And by the way, if you don’t know who I’m talking about already, you should Google him, uh, because he is one of the handsomest beings that has ever stepped foot on this planet.

Uh it’s it’s absurd.

[00:34:02] eD! Thomas: I think this is the guy that was in the commercial of just like, yeah, you’re handsome. And you’re like, yeah, no, he is.

[00:34:06] Jeff Ritter: Yeah.

[00:34:07] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:34:08] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. It’s absurd. It’s absurd. He’s so handsome than I appreciate just how goddamn handsome this guy is.

[00:34:15] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Dang. So here’s what’s uh,

[00:34:21] Jeff Ritter: I give boobies where a man.

[00:34:24] eD! Thomas: yeah, he really is. It really is. So what’s weird though, is that I typed this into the search bar, expecting it to come up with Google, but it, because I’m using, uh, the Edge browser, it came up on Bing, which actually, and I’m just going to throw it out there. There’s so many pictures of this guy on Bing that that was actually helpful way to go.

[00:34:43] Jeff Ritter: there you go. Bing.

[00:34:46] eD! Thomas: There’s there’s your only good referral, uh, that you’ll ever get. J D

[00:34:53] Jeff Ritter: I was surprised that Bing didn’t bring up some fry cook from Fort Lauderdale with a name similar.

[00:34:59] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:35:00] Jeff Ritter: It’s like the wish version of Google.

[00:35:04] eD! Thomas: Yeah. And if that would’ve been my expectation, so they cleared that bar. Congratulations, Bing! Hoof. Oh yeah. Okay.

[00:35:15] Jeff Ritter: He also may he’s he also is what I consider proof that there’s not a God. That whole, like God made man in his image. I believe it with him. And then I like, I see myself and I’m like, no way. There’s no way that God thinks we fucking look alike as this is not possible. So.

[00:35:37] eD! Thomas: The way that I look at

[00:35:38] Jeff Ritter: He’s a big part of my life.

[00:35:39] eD! Thomas: God made some people in his image and the rest of us are just a. Oh, the rest of you are just leftovers. I’m obviously made in his image because

[00:35:48] Jeff Ritter: I would say the same. I would say the same, by the way. If we can go back, I would like to ask when the Weird Al movie, when the Weird movie does release.

[00:35:58] eD! Thomas: of a man who are clearly crafted in God’s image,

[00:36:00] Jeff Ritter: Without a doubt. Can you continue to grow your hair until then? And would you consider getting out like a Weird Al perm to

[00:36:10] eD! Thomas: do I really need to get a perm? Look at how my hair curls already.

[00:36:14] Jeff Ritter: The problem is,

[00:36:15] eD! Thomas: if first of all, I haven’t gotten a haircut in what, three years now. And this is as long as my hair has gotten, this is

[00:36:22] Jeff Ritter: your it’s long.

[00:36:24] eD! Thomas: Yeah. But it’s not, as long as I was expecting,

[00:36:26] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:36:27] eD! Thomas: I was expecting at least shoulder length by now. Like it’s just, this is just hitting the end of my neck.

It was terrible. But this is also why I can’t get a haircut. Cause like, what if I decide later on with like, you know what I do miss having long hair. I can’t, I’m not going to spend the three years growing out my hair again is insane. I’m just going to let this go until I dunno. I started like losing hair the top and then I’ll just shave it off and

[00:36:54] Jeff Ritter: th so the beard is, the beard is grown in. The hair is long. You, you, you remind me of, if there was like tech support at the Last Supper.

[00:37:09] eD! Thomas: That’s I, yeah, the last wedding I went to, my hair was long and I had it down like this and I had the beard going. I was like, yeah, I’m just going to walk in there and be like, Hey everyone, I’m back and see what happens.

[00:37:21] Jeff Ritter: It’s mainly he tells you his what? He was going to be special.

[00:37:27] eD! Thomas: Me bless you.

[00:37:32] Jeff Ritter: We’re out of wine. I don’t think so.

[00:37:35] eD! Thomas: on my watch. You just wait,

[00:37:38] Jeff Ritter: Okay, one more. I got, I got one more unprofessional transition. One thing I’d like to point out to you.

[00:37:44] eD! Thomas: hit me.

[00:37:45] Jeff Ritter: So I, as, as most folks are well aware, we are. Uh, pretty obsessed with our gadgets and whatnot. And especially when they either pair with when they’re either made by or when they pair with Apple products of

[00:38:04] eD! Thomas: That’s true. Yeah.

[00:38:05] Jeff Ritter: There’s only certain things that I like to buy that I know that there’s definitely only certain accessories that you’ll use. But it stomps with stuff that doesn’t work, like work with my apple, and I’ll give you with my apple stuff. And I’ll give you an example. So recently redid some stuff in my, my basement, my son’s older now.

And he went through some of his toys and we were able to get rid of some of it. And I condensed down and made room for me to put a dartboard off. Right. So Of course, I’m looking for a dartboard that has some sort of technical stuff to it. And I find one that has an led light strip inside the cabinet for it.

[00:38:46] eD! Thomas: Nice.

[00:38:47] Jeff Ritter: It’s USB powered. And I was like, oh, you know what? Instead of running a wire down my wall and all of this, I’ll just get a battery pack. And I went on and within five, within honestly 45 seconds, I had a battery pack on order and I stopped and I was like, wow, that was shockingly cavalier. How quickly I just picked up this?

I don’t know me. So power bank.

[00:39:17] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:39:17] Jeff Ritter: Because it was because it’s not plugging in olds doing is turning on lights. I’m like, we didn’t, it’s not going to fuck that up. So I might as well get it. And I, uh, I wanted to tell you about it because I was impressed. I was impressed with myself. I went on and I also scared myself a little bit.

Cause I almost wanted to do, I overanalyze the stuff that I bought a used with my phone and watch and whatnot too much.

[00:39:42] eD! Thomas: No, you don’t.

[00:39:43] Jeff Ritter: There we go. That’s what I was hoping. You’d say.

[00:39:45] eD! Thomas: You analyze it just enough. And then when you think you’re like about to cross that Rubicon, you texted me and I go, what are you doing?

[00:39:52] Jeff Ritter: I do. That’s extremely accurate, by the way, the whole reason I brought this up, I was not, I was looking for my enabler to tell me that what I’m doing is good.

[00:40:05] eD! Thomas: What you’re doing is good. Yeah. I would do the same thing. I would get a no name. No-frills power bank. If it’s just doing some lights on something that’s not critical to my continued existence.

[00:40:17] Jeff Ritter: Right.

[00:40:18] eD! Thomas: You know, if my dart board doesn’t have an LED strip in it. All right. If my phone can’t work in the middle of the woods because the battery decided it didn’t want to put out enough charge. That’s a problem. Therefore, I

[00:40:32] Jeff Ritter: My phone, my phone can’t work in the middle of my dining room. I have a problem.

[00:40:38] eD! Thomas: Yeah. That’s

[00:40:39] Jeff Ritter: why I have chargers everywhere.

[00:40:42] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:40:44] Jeff Ritter: So, yes, I got this. It was highly rated and it was small in size and it was like $16. And I was like, boom, good to go.

[00:40:53] eD! Thomas: You want, you want to do another quick little, a shadow to a technological change I’ve made.

[00:40:59] Jeff Ritter: Of course.

[00:40:59] eD! Thomas: So as you know, and as anybody who knows me knows, I love a home automation light bulbs. I mean, I love home automation in general, but the light bulbs were like,

[00:41:11] Jeff Ritter: It’s his thing, folks.

[00:41:12] eD! Thomas: my COVID Dick, like negative 0.3 inches long if I had COVID tick.

I do, but I don’t, you know what I mean? Like it looks that way. Don’t tell any of the ladies that I didn’t have COVID is all I’m asking. Anyhow.

[00:41:27] Jeff Ritter: No, absolutely. Secret’s safe with me.

[00:41:30] eD! Thomas: Appreciate it, buddy. So I, uh, downstairs in the kitchen have a bunch of light bulbs that I just changed to being Phillips Hue bulbs, and it’s been dope.

And now I’m thinking about moving a bunch of them to the living room, or getting a bunch of the living room. But, you know, they’re like 50 bucks a bulb and there’s six lights that I’d have to change. That’s a lot of money.

[00:41:53] Jeff Ritter: Yeah.

[00:41:54] eD! Thomas: Well, if you take the ones that I already have and replace them with something else, I could bring those downstairs and get new ones here.

And as I’ve mentioned, Nanoleaf, which makes light panels that are awesome, that I would love to get, but my walls don’t work for them because they’re slanted. Uh, so started making smart bulbs and they are 20 bucks a bulb, which is less than half of one Phillips bulb.

And I was talking about these, you know, about seven or eight years ago, six episodes. And I switched them to these ones in here. And let me tell you, not only do I think they’re brighter than the Phillips Hues, not only are the colors cooler, these things are so fast that it actually pisses me off when I’m turning them off.

If they’re off already and I’m still walking. It’s infuriating.

[00:42:49] Jeff Ritter: You had to tell Siri to do, to turn these off in 5, 4, 3.

[00:42:54] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Could you give me a counter? Yeah, you’re a sassy little bitch. And then she’s like, now I will play Jonas brothers and I’m like, what? Um, I put a,

[00:43:05] Jeff Ritter: eD! Siri.

[00:43:06] eD! Thomas: I put a hole, I put a mini on my desk. It’s been awesome. She’s understood a lot more things since, uh, I have that here. So that’s cool. Yeah. I know these things are dope.

So highly recommend

[00:43:19] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. Send me the link, please. I got to see if they make the right side. I had to see if they make a BR 30 bulb,

[00:43:27] eD! Thomas: They don’t, but there’s another company that I haven’t tested yet that I just found out make the BR thirties, the Phillips who makes beer, thirties too. That’s

[00:43:37] Jeff Ritter: are hard to get and very fucking expensive.

[00:43:41] eD! Thomas: Yes, that’s what I had to put in the kitchen. It was.

[00:43:44] Jeff Ritter: Yes,

[00:43:45] eD! Thomas: Heartwarming. Can you tell from the smile how much I loved it? The smile is really I’m so happy.

[00:43:52] Jeff Ritter: Grinning ear to ear your voice sounds oddly, similar to when I told you about the Weird Al movie,

[00:43:58] eD! Thomas: Oh no. This is more of like an enragement, that Weird Al movie was just shock and awe.

[00:44:03] Jeff Ritter: Ah, there it is. I hear the difference now.

[00:44:05] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Is it’s subtle. It’s subtle if you, but you got to know.

[00:44:12] Jeff Ritter: Send me the link to those then,

[00:44:14] eD! Thomas: I will, I will, I’ll send it to all of you as well. Cause I’ll put it in the episode description, but I’ll also send it to you Jeff directly, because like, you know, we’re pals.

[00:44:23] Jeff Ritter: Perfect. I also don’t look at the episode descriptions.

[00:44:26] eD! Thomas: That’s true.

[00:44:27] Jeff Ritter: Just, ah, I’m just serious. Um,

[00:44:31] eD! Thomas: which is a shame because I sit there and I spend days writing them. That’s why it takes so long to get episodes

[00:44:36] Jeff Ritter: you know, you know that I look at the episode descriptions because I think that the titles are the best thing about this entire podcast.

[00:44:45] eD! Thomas: Absolutely. It’s like titles tied with the art and then everything else from there. And then

[00:44:50] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, I’m going titles, art, you, Sandy.

[00:44:55] eD! Thomas: Oh buddy, I would go titles, art, you, Sandy.

[00:45:00] Jeff Ritter: Oh, there we go. Everything else, Dave?

[00:45:05] eD! Thomas: Yeah, that’s true. Hey, we should probably tell people that we’re going to be bi-weekly now by which I mean every other week, not twice a week. That would be terrible for me.

[00:45:16] Jeff Ritter: Bi-weekly is every other week. What would twice would that be semi-weekly

[00:45:21] eD! Thomas: I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s like the biannual thing. I don’t understand. Like it could either be twice a year or every other year. It doesn’t make any sense. English is a stupid language and

[00:45:34] Jeff Ritter: Is definitely twice a year.

[00:45:36] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah,

[00:45:38] Jeff Ritter: I don’t. Yeah, I’m not a smart man.

[00:45:41] eD! Thomas: No, I don’t listen. I finished my math class. I ain’t doing shit with having to divide anymore.

[00:45:47] Jeff Ritter: No, we’re going to be every other are going to be every other week. It is more conducive to our schedules. So

[00:45:53] eD! Thomas: Yeah. And we’re just going to pretend that that’s what we did last year. And that’s why you got the number of episodes you got.

[00:46:00] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, exactly. It worked out well for you. All of that and stick with us. Fuck.

[00:46:06] eD! Thomas: Don’t worry, maybe there’ll be another four-hour episode this year. Probably not, but you don’t ever know.

[00:46:10] Jeff Ritter: You never know.

what we can guarantee is the quality will remain the same.

[00:46:17] eD! Thomas: Absolutely

[00:46:22] Jeff Ritter: That’s

[00:46:23] eD! Thomas: so good. It’s just so hang on. Let me, it’s just so good. It’s high quality. There you go.

[00:46:34] Jeff Ritter: Excellent.

[00:46:36] eD! Thomas: All right, buddy. I think, I think that’s it for, uh, for us for the evening. Cause I’ve got to go to bed

[00:46:43] Jeff Ritter: Sounds good.

[00:46:44] eD! Thomas: tired.

[00:46:45] Jeff Ritter: I can do the same thing. I will tell you that the energize function on my light seemed to work.

[00:46:50] eD! Thomas: That’s good. That’s good. I was worried about you. So nobody else knows that this was happening, but before we started recording every third word from Jeff was,

[00:47:00] Jeff Ritter: Oh, I was dying. I was yawning so bad.

[00:47:04] eD! Thomas: Huh? I didn’t realize that they replaced the metal, uh, fillings in my teeth.

[00:47:12] Jeff Ritter: Ah, yes, those look like all white teeth.

[00:47:15] eD! Thomas: Yeah, that’s weird. Anyway.

[00:47:20] Jeff Ritter: was good.

[00:47:22] eD! Thomas: Thanks buddy. Appreciate it. Hang on. I’ll give it, I’ll give you that.

[00:47:26] Jeff Ritter: I want to get, I kinda missed the missing tooth, but I still like it.

[00:47:30] eD! Thomas: It’s all right. The one that it feels like it, that usually is missing. Cause it’s just like this little nub. This, this tooth is holding onto it for dear life. And every time I’m chewing, I’m like, please don’t be the the bite that causes this. Please don’t be the bite that causes this thing to pop off.

I can’t, I can’t deal with it. Just spent so much money on these Tam teeth. Uh, please don’t

[00:47:52] Jeff Ritter: Keep them in your mouth.

[00:47:53] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m going to try, although this one is, I mean, like there’s nothing for it to hold on to. It’s eventually going to just pop right off and then I’m going to look like a, uh, from the right. I’m going to look like a movie star, from the left I’m going to look like I’m about to go to a goat auction, so that’s fine. Whatever

[00:48:11] Jeff Ritter: I go to auction. I like that one. I like that one that might offend some of our goats, our goat, fanatics, and goat farmers out there. But you know what? He didn’t, you know, don’t come here. If you’d all look at the edgy comedy folks.

[00:48:24] eD! Thomas: If you didn’t want to controversy, you don’t listen to the king. Okay. That’s all there is to it. All right, buddy. I will talk to you in two weeks.

[00:48:38] Jeff Ritter: Two

[00:48:38] eD! Thomas: Although I’ll talk, I’ll talk to you like, you know, between them, but I’ll record

[00:48:41] Jeff Ritter: on here.

[00:48:43] eD! Thomas: Into yeah. Yeah. For other people’s consumption.

[00:48:46] Jeff Ritter: Yep. Sounds good.

[00:48:49] eD! Thomas: See you later, buddy.