eD! and Jeff discuss all the happenings at WWDC, beguiling TikTok videos, the horrors of exercise, and Bluetooth-enabled water bottles!

Also they talk about where they’ve been for four months and, spoiler, it’s none of your business, jackass.

But, as an apology, here’s a DALL·E image of a hamster making it rain, which should make things better for everyone:

Digital art of a hamster making it rain.
Transcript (As Determined by Robots)

[00:00:00] eD! Thomas: Welcome to the Nearly Coherent podcast, the number one biweekly podcast that just stops for four months without warning! I’m eD! and joining me as always when we show up is my bearded handsome, wonderful, just downright good looking buddy, Jeff. Jeff, how are you, you handsome devil, you?

[00:00:20] Jeff Ritter: You know what? I’m excited. I’m excited to be here, but I’m also, uh, a little bothered, not because of this, because have you ever like seen a reel on Instagram or a TikTok or whatever it is, where they do a series of questions and predict a number? I constantly change the number in my head and I change it to the one they’re predicting.

And it’s fucking beguiling me that I cannot figure out how they’re doing that. Now. I will tell you, I have not bothered to Google it. I am not that upset about it, but I was just thinking, and I’m like, how? Like I picked, uh, 37. I’m like, how the fuck did they know I was picking 37 because I changed it from 13. It’s very odd, man. In,

[00:01:10] eD! Thomas: That is very odd. I mean, I could explain it to you, but only when you’re older.

[00:01:14] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, I’ll just watch a YouTube video on how to do that and call it a day. But it was bothering me a lot today. I was at, I was, I had a meeting, so I couldn’t look it up immediately. So that’s my answer to how are you doing

[00:01:30] eD! Thomas: You were watching the videos during your meeting?

[00:01:33] Jeff Ritter: Uh, no, I was watching it just before a meeting, while I was waiting for my coffee.

[00:01:38] eD! Thomas: Should have done it while you were in the meeting, make life

[00:01:41] Jeff Ritter: I couldn’t, I had to talk the whole time. Sucked. Yeah.

[00:02:19] Jeff Ritter: You know, as you were doing the introduction, I was just gonna start like talking over you as if I had no idea what was going on. Like, because it has been so goddamn long. Uh, but then you really, you really hit it. You know, you really gave it some gusto.

And I was like, oh, let me not fuck this up for him.

[00:02:36] eD! Thomas: I appreciate that. I appreciate that. And I know we did promise to do biweekly episodes and I’m sure some of you are wondering what happened. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and all I’m gonna say is Jeff and I had a little bit of an issue, uh, and it’s none of your goddamn business. So how about you mind your business and shut your pie holes, and just start listening to this again.

Okay. How does that sound? Or don’t. We’re just gonna do this without you. We might be doing it without you, anyway, you might have deleted us from your apps. I don’t know.

[00:03:09] Jeff Ritter: Very possible. And I don’t give a shit if you did.

[00:03:12] eD! Thomas: No one cares.

[00:03:13] Jeff Ritter: Nobody.

[00:03:14] eD! Thomas: As we’ve announced from the beginning, we don’t do this for you. We do it for us.

[00:03:20] Jeff Ritter: We do, we do it for us. Um, although, and while we are somehow another week late, I did feel like we had a duty to cover one of the two episodes per.

[00:03:37] eD! Thomas: May, may I?

You said “doodie”!

Go ahead.

[00:03:42] Jeff Ritter: I did say duty. How about this? I felt we had the obligation to proceed with one of the two episodes that we actually have content for, that we actually prepare for. I, I, I, I know, you know, when you reached out, giving me the heads up that the WWDC was about to come around, I was like, “Oh, here we go.”

Now, when I say “prep,” I’m gonna explain to you all out there, both of you, uh, what “prep” means: I purposely don’t read or learn anything about what happened so that eD! can spoon feed it to me as if I am some sort of infant. So I do absolutely nothing. eD!, on the other hand, watches the WWDC, which is something he would definitely do anyway, and has done for years before we did the podcast.

Um, and then probably obsessively read articles about it. Um, yeah. Again, not doing it for you, but, hell, we’re gonna say that it’s prepped. So.

[00:04:50] eD! Thomas: Yeah. And you know what you, you said that we we’re a week, we’re actually not a week late. You know what bothers me about these episodes sometimes? Sometimes I feel like we haven’t taken the time to digest the information, like all these hot take videos and podcasts come out and everyone’s like, oh, here’s 15 minutes of like the top things.

And then we sit here like a bunch of jackasses and do an hour, basically point by point recap of this thing. And I, I felt like maybe we should just take a moment –and by we, I mean me– take a moment and really just let it seep right through our pores and shoot back out our nipples, a more refined episode.

I don’t know if you guys know this, I’m actually talking through my nipples.

[00:05:37] Jeff Ritter: I didn’t realize that. Uh, but I’m glad to know now that you are, I always wondered why I was just staring at your face, not moving. And I am glad that we have done that. The one part about it that bothers me is I have felt dumber than everyone else for the past week. So that’s a, that is, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

[00:05:57] eD! Thomas: Never forget, you’re not dumber than Dave. It’s important to remember, Dave is the dumbest piece of shit on the planet. If

[00:06:07] Jeff Ritter: He really, really went there. I thought he was just gonna sit the dumbest. He went all the way through peace of shit. So, uh,

[00:06:14] eD! Thomas: Gonna expend the energy there, where are you going to expend the energy is all I’m

[00:06:18] Jeff Ritter: saying.

You know, you’re right. You are right. Um, you know what, it’s funny. I was just thinking the other day about how I don’t miss Dave at all.

[00:06:29] eD! Thomas: God, like, I miss Lisa. I wish she’d come back, but like, I feel like he’d drag his stupid, sorry ass into this too. And I have no desire for it.

[00:06:42] Jeff Ritter: No, it’s it really is. Sorry, Lisa. You are an acceptable sacrifice. Um, alright, so I’ve waited long enough friend.

[00:06:53] eD! Thomas: Yes.

[00:06:55] Jeff Ritter: I need you. I need you to enlighten me. I need you to break it down. I’m gonna ask one question.

[00:07:03] eD! Thomas: I’m gonna give you one answer.

[00:07:05] Jeff Ritter: Before we start…

[00:07:06] eD! Thomas: Okay.

[00:07:08] Jeff Ritter: So am I going to be insanely let down that I didn’t follow anything for a week?

[00:07:18] eD! Thomas: No.

[00:07:19] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:07:19] eD! Thomas: You are going to be mad.

I wanna warn you now.

[00:07:24] Jeff Ritter: I don’t know what that… that’s terrible. I don’t know what that fuck. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what that means. That’s like when my mom used to say, wait till your father gets home, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m like now I’m in a full on panic mode.

[00:07:37] eD! Thomas: You want me to, to, uh, spray this at you? Do you want a little least impressive to most impressive? Uh,

[00:07:44] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, I, I, all right, so I’m gonna throw a little bit of a curve ball. I wanna see least impressive to most impressive. And then what if, is there something in particular that was gonna make me mad?

[00:07:56] eD! Thomas: Yes.

And it

[00:07:57] Jeff Ritter: we save it to

[00:07:58] eD! Thomas: I talk it’s already done. Already gonna take care of that. Don’t even

[00:08:03] Jeff Ritter: All right. So, wow. So then I don’t, I don’t need there. There’s curve ball was just hit 547 feet outta the park.

Go ahead and hit me with it.

[00:08:13] eD! Thomas: So we’re gonna start with tvOS. Okay?

[00:08:20] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:08:21] eD! Thomas: It is a thing. tvOS 16 does exist. They did not mention it at all during the keynote. The the major difference is that there’s going to be a new profiley thing. So like every time, uh, like maybe somebody in your house is watching Hulu and they change their profile, but they don’t change the Apple TV profile to their profile.

So their show ends up in your up now playlist, and you wanna just smack them. You just wanna smack them so hard and go, why, why can’t you follow instructions? Just get it together. Well, there’s gonna be a thing that people can opt into as a developer to allow the profiles to change based on which profile in the app you’re using.

Nobody nobody’s gonna adopt it. It’s gonna solve none of my problems, but hey, it kind of exists somewhere.

[00:09:18] Jeff Ritter: I’m not, I am really not impressed by it. That sounds like more work probably.

[00:09:24] eD! Thomas: Yeah, more

work for the

[00:09:25] Jeff Ritter: I don’t like it.

[00:09:26] eD! Thomas: and therefore not gonna happen and not gonna affect us at all. That that is, uh, one of the, like, there’s, there’s also like more syncing from devices to the Apple TV, like for fitness crap. They didn’t talk about this at all. Like, it was just like a, uh, yeah, it

[00:09:42] Jeff Ritter: Believe if they’re not impressed.

[00:09:44] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

They were just like, look, you guys are still buying this box at unreasonable prices, so we’re gonna update it, but also just, uh, eat it,

eat a

[00:09:54] Jeff Ritter: uh, isn’t, isn’t one of the cable companies now giving it away, like instead of getting

a right, instead of getting a cable box, you’re getting the Apple TV

[00:10:04] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:10:05] Jeff Ritter: pretty awesome. It is far superior to the Fire Stick. I don’t know how it stacks up against like the Fire TV Box or like a Roku or, you know, any of those, but it really, really absolutely TRS the Fire TV stick.

[00:10:22] eD! Thomas: So when I was setting up my bedroom TV originally, I was waiting for the new Apple TV to come out so that I could update the one in my office to bring the one in my office to there. And the one that I had that was super old in my bedroom, just get, just make, go away. And so in that meantime, I had gotten a Fire TV stick.

And besides the interface, looking like it was designed by a drunk lemur that had taken too much Adderall, aside from all that crap, at one point in the, “oh, you watched whatever, so we think you’ll like…”, Amazon offered not one, not two, not three, but five… I know four is in there too, but I just wanted to get to the, get to the point…

um, Sebastian Maniscalco specials.

[00:11:14] Jeff Ritter: Oh, that’s tough.

That’s enough. That’s enough to throw that away.

[00:11:19] eD! Thomas: Yeah. I unplugged that thing immediately and just, I started reading, that’s how bad it got. I was just like, no, I’m gonna look at a book instead of


[00:11:29] Jeff Ritter: way. I don’t blame you. That is horrible.

[00:11:32] eD! Thomas: Ugh. It was upsetting. It was very

[00:11:34] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, that is horrible. You know, I was so I I’m lucky my boss from work is, is great. Like, she really is awesome, but we were talking and like, she, she’s very into documentaries and different things and, you know, so she’ll send me cool stuff to watch and, and I’m not sure because our personalities are really different, but I always enjoy the things that she sends me until she started talking about standup comedy.

And I’m like, I don’t, and I really don’t like many people’s taste and standup comedy. And I’m like, oh, this is, I said, this is gonna be the one. This is gonna be the crack in the armor. And she starts talking about Sebastian Maniscalco and I’m like, damn, I quit. Like, I can’t work for you. I can’t work for you.

[00:12:22] eD! Thomas: Sorry. I’d rather lose my house and send my family on the street than deal with this.

[00:12:27] Jeff Ritter: Can you imagine? Can you imagine though, that there’s like, there’s men out there that are very insecure and they can’t work for, they can’t work for a female boss and that’s why they quit or the pay is, you know, they, they disagree with, uh, something fundamentally in the company and that’s why they quit.

And me I’m like, no, no, no. Uh, my boss likes Sebastian Maniscalco. I can’t be here anymore.

[00:12:51] eD! Thomas: That’s honestly, that’s just as valid a hill. That’s a more valid hill than the people that are just like, “I can’t work for a lady”. She’s got lady things like.

[00:13:00] Jeff Ritter: Right. Absolutely.

[00:13:01] eD! Thomas: Get outta here, you sexist sack of shit.

[00:13:03] Jeff Ritter: I only say, because I do happen to work for, I do happen to have a female, uh, superior and one of the best bosses I’ve ever worked for. Awesome.

[00:13:15] eD! Thomas: and he doesn’t say that in a pandering way.

[00:13:18] Jeff Ritter: Uh, not at all. That is very genuine. She, and you know what? She doesn’t even listen to it.

[00:13:22] eD! Thomas: Now she’s not even gonna hear it.

[00:13:24] Jeff Ritter: No, I will never tell her that I do this.

[00:13:28] eD! Thomas: Probably for the best. The last thing you did in your next one on one is like, so why was it four months? Just shut up. Go listen to your Sebastian Maniscalco. Uh,

[00:13:38] Jeff Ritter: Oh it so fucking, he sucks. He sucks. “Hey, you remember you used to have neighbors over your house and now you hide when the neighbors come off,” shut the fuck up! Anyway, we’re not even, I, I mean, this is, let’s get, let’s get back

[00:13:54] eD! Thomas: Let’s, let’s get back into it. Let’s get back into the good shit. Uh, WWDC. We’re gonna come up next to watchOS 9.

[00:14:03] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:14:04] eD! Thomas: Gonna do a little, little wickedly watch talk. Uh, so basically there was a lot of fitness shit and like four new watch faces and then they were like, “And that’s watchOS 9!” That’s my, uh, Kevin Lynch impression by the way.

Uh, oh, and here we are. I I’m, I, I look like Droopy Dog and I used to work for Adobe in the Flash division. Um,

So that guy. Yeah.

[00:14:34] Jeff Ritter: I do. Oh, that is

[00:14:35] eD! Thomas: Do you remember when Steve jobs released the like “Flash is dog shit and that’s why we’re never putting it on the iPhone” article? He’s the one that wrote the rebuttal to that.

That was like, the Flash is great. Now he works there and he is like, “Well, I, saved my career. Yay!” Uh, anywho. Anyhow,

[00:14:54] Jeff Ritter: a, that is one of the most mocking tones I’ve ever heard you take, by the

[00:15:00] eD! Thomas: It is, it is he, I like him more than Eddie Cue, but that’s it, uh, that’s the, in the way of C level executives, uh, it, it goes, you know, Cookie Monster, Craig Federer, uh, everybody else, some janitors, people from Microsoft then Kevin Lynch, and Eddie Cue, that’s that’s my hierarchy.

[00:15:24] Jeff Ritter: That’s it.

[00:15:25] eD! Thomas: That’s it? Yeah. Uh, so for the fitness shit.

Now you’re gonna be able to set up custom workouts. So like, if you’re doing a triathlon, it’ll automatically switch you from running to swimming to bicycling. Is that the order they go in? I don’t know. Look at me. Have I ever done a triathlon in my life?

[00:15:47] Jeff Ritter: Not only could I not tell you, but I, uh, am so upset that they’re even doing that. That is the most useless thing to me.

[00:15:54] eD! Thomas: You think that’s useless to you? Wait, you just wait. Uh, runners can now track stride length and ground contact time and vertical oscillation. All of which sounds very impressive. And none of which means a damn thing to me. If you’re a runner and understand what those terms mean, don’t tell us, we don’t care.

[00:16:14] Jeff Ritter: I feel like they are really trying to put every other, like running wearable out. Cuz I don’t think anybody does anything close to this. Does it?

[00:16:26] eD! Thomas: I Garmin maybe, uh, also,

[00:16:32] Jeff Ritter: works. Right.

[00:16:33] eD! Thomas: also it’s going to now track if like you’re on a consistent route every day, you can race against your ghost times and try to beat your best time or your last time or your first time or the time before you died.

[00:16:48] Jeff Ritter: Wow. That’s impressive. Even that last one, especially.

[00:16:53] eD! Thomas: Yes. Uh, and there’s gonna be some new updates of swim workouts.

So you could do like Kickboard detection. That’s kind of cool. I like swimming. Maybe I’ll try that.

[00:17:02] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. Okay. sorry. I can’t even pretend to be on board with exercise.

[00:17:07] eD! Thomas: Yeah, it just means nothing to me. Uh, in the way of sleep tracking. Now it will, um, you still have to tell it when you’re going to sleep by switching into sleep mode, but it will now track the stages of your sleep. So it’ll go, you know, REM sleep, core sleep, deep sleep. So I can’t wait for the watch to be like, “Dude, you have a problem. You do not sleep well at all you piece of shit.” And I’m like, “I know, thanks Watch. That’s great.”

[00:17:35] Jeff Ritter: like

[00:17:36] eD! Thomas: So that’ll be fun. Yeah, “Nothing I like more than to hear confirmation that I sleep like an idiot.” And the last thing, the part that I actually really do, like is now there’s going to be, uh, you can scan pictures of the medicines you take and it will give you alerts for when you’re supposed to take them, tell you if there’s drug interactions that you might not know about.

[00:17:59] Jeff Ritter: That’s pretty awesome.

[00:18:01] eD! Thomas: Yes. Notifications have been redesigned to be less, uh, annoying. Y.

[00:18:06] Jeff Ritter: Oh my God. They’re so fucking annoying.

[00:18:09] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s, that’s Watch, that’s watchOS.

[00:18:14] Jeff Ritter: All right. I,

[00:18:14] eD! Thomas: How you feeling there? Feeling good?

[00:18:16] Jeff Ritter: I, I like that. There’s a bunch of stuff in there that I definitely disliked, like all the things about exercise, but all the things about not exercise, I liked.

[00:18:25] eD! Thomas: That, yeah. That’s generally how I feel about life. Just like all the things about exercise. Ugh. Everything not about exercise, though? That’s so cool! Uh,

[00:18:35] Jeff Ritter: people that exercise I’m very impressed by them.

[00:18:38] eD! Thomas: yeah,

[00:18:38] Jeff Ritter: I just don’t want to be one of them.

[00:18:40] eD! Thomas: I got a desk treadmill so I can walk while I’m working so that I don’t like, you know, uh, go into a full on asthma attack walking seven feet and

[00:18:51] Jeff Ritter: Mm that’s a good idea.

[00:18:52] eD! Thomas: You know, here’s the thing I do feel better. Things are like better in life as I’m exercising, but I don’t wanna give credit to the exercise.

[00:19:00] Jeff Ritter: No,

[00:19:00] eD! Thomas: I’m gonna give credit to my reuniting with you.

[00:19:05] Jeff Ritter: Okay, that’s

[00:19:05] eD! Thomas: That’s that’s what it is.

[00:19:07] Jeff Ritter: I would rather give credit to like mercury being in retrograde or some other, you know, star alignment bullshit than exercise. And I think extremely low of people that believe in that.

[00:19:22] eD! Thomas: You should have heard him talking to my professional psychic aunt… not like my mom or father’s sister. Uh, like an actual ant, uh, the, a, the, the bug, it had a tarot deck. It was adorable.

[00:19:34] Jeff Ritter: Adorable. Very tiny.

[00:19:36] eD! Thomas: Very, very tiny. Also a little racist, which is why we stepped on him.

[00:19:41] Jeff Ritter: He had to go. We here at the Nearly Coherent podcast are squashing racism. Fucking literally.

[00:19:50] eD! Thomas: All right. The next thing is gonna be like three things because they all tie together. This is the year what we’re gonna do two things at once, really, that iPadOS and macOS really started hooking up and getting freaky-deaky with each other.

[00:20:08] Jeff Ritter: Wow. Okay.

[00:20:10] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s gonna get real it’s and some of these things are coming to, uh, iOS as well.

You’ll probably figure out the parts that I’m talking about.

[00:20:20] Jeff Ritter: Gotcha.

[00:20:22] eD! Thomas: So

[00:20:22] Jeff Ritter: Before you get, before you get started, you have

[00:20:25] eD! Thomas: literally, I bruise.

[00:20:27] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. like a peach. Um, so sorry. So the, uh, I just noticed you drinking out of a water bottle that looks like it has some sort of port on the bottom of it.

[00:20:43] eD! Thomas: It does. It does that’s for changing the battery. This, my friend is the, is the Hydrate 3 in, uh, coral, which

[00:20:54] Jeff Ritter: yeah, I was gonna

[00:20:55] eD! Thomas: on camera than

[00:20:56] Jeff Ritter: it definitely does. It looks like an orange cap and a coral body.

[00:21:01] eD! Thomas: Yeah. It’s all more uniform. Uh, it’s a little bit more pink than I would usually go for, but the other option was like black and white and it’s like, I I’m done. I’m done with black and white electronics. Get

[00:21:14] Jeff Ritter: My my Crocs are that color by the way.

[00:21:16] eD! Thomas: That’s beautiful.

That’s a beautiful thing. So this, this water bottle sinks to my phone via Bluetooth to tell me how much I.

[00:21:25] Jeff Ritter: Yes. Yes it does.

[00:21:29] eD! Thomas: And the desk treadmill, by the way, also syncs to Apple Health automatically through an app so that it tells that how much I’ve walked in a day.

[00:21:37] Jeff Ritter: Does it really?

[00:21:38] eD! Thomas: Mm-hmm, yeah.

[00:21:40] Jeff Ritter: Which desk treadmill did you get?

[00:21:42] eD! Thomas: the lifespan T 1200 or something like that.

[00:21:47] Jeff Ritter: Excellent.

[00:21:48] eD! Thomas: Yeah. yeah. Yeah. Cuz here’s the problem when you’re like working and you’re typing and you’re walking, uh, if you put yourself on like a workout on the Apple Watch, it’s just like, “Dude, your hand is just sitting there. What are you doing? You’re not working out, you idiot!”

And here I am doing like four miles a day. And I’m like, what the hell? Also fun fact turns out that if you don’t change the order of devices, that Health reads from, it’s gonna sit there and be like, your Watch says you walked one mile. So we’re gonna ignore the other three that were clearly done based off the treadmill that actually picks up per step as you’re going. Yeah. So

[00:22:29] Jeff Ritter: Very interesting.

[00:22:30] eD! Thomas: So now I got that as a top thing and then the Watch for distances.

[00:22:35] Jeff Ritter: Okay. All right. Yeah. When, uh, if I ever come across something like that, I’m gonna have to ask you how to fix that. Cuz I have no idea. It’s probably in the setting somewhere or in

[00:22:45] eD! Thomas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I stumbled upon it. I know where it is now, but it was a real, I was really mad for like three days straight.

[00:22:52] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. Yes.

[00:22:53] eD! Thomas: was very

[00:22:54] Jeff Ritter: Not getting there’s nothing worse than exercising except for not getting credit for exercising.

[00:22:59] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. I want the robots to be like, “Are you running from the cops? Like what’s going on?” I want them to think that I am on the lam and it didn’t, and it was very upsetting. So yeah. And that’s my water bottle and treadmill update for you, which did not come from WWDC, but tangentially works.

[00:23:17] Jeff Ritter: I still wanted to know. And real quick on the water bottle, it tells you how much you’ve drank so far?

[00:23:25] eD! Thomas: Uhhuh. Yeah.

[00:23:26] Jeff Ritter: I love that.

[00:23:27] eD! Thomas: Yeah. It’s pretty great. It’s pretty damn good. I gotta be honest with you. And because it’s Bluetooth, I’m sitting here, like, “I gotta drink more because, uh, I need technology to know that I had a beverage.”

[00:23:39] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. Well, that’s, it’s setting goals. That’s what they say about like, when you’re you are, if you do food diaries and stuff, like, it really helps you because yeah. Food diary sucks by

[00:23:51] eD! Thomas: So here’s the thing

[00:23:53] Jeff Ritter: just easier to be fat and die early.

[00:23:56] eD! Thomas: I, I don’t know if anybody has picked up on the fact that, or that I’ve announced it about a thousand times that I have ADHD, uh, goal setting and tracking shit like that doesn’t work for people like me. Uh, that’s too many habits that I have to try to remember to do. I don’t have the executive function for it.

Uh, so just, just gimme a Bluetooth thing that connects with it. It does it for itself. And then that alerts me I’m in

[00:24:21] Jeff Ritter: Indeed.

[00:24:21] eD! Thomas: All right. So you wanna talk a little macOS real quick?

[00:24:24] Jeff Ritter: I do.

[00:24:25] eD! Thomas: All right. So first thing, the name of the new version of macOS is Ventura, as in like “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. So that’s pretty cool.

[00:24:41] Jeff Ritter: I wish it was macOS Ace Ventura.

[00:24:44] eD! Thomas: It, I, me too, me too, but then they’d have to pay a licensing

[00:24:48] Jeff Ritter: Fucking awesome. Yeah, I know. And it would probably be a heavy one at that. Sorry, go for it.

[00:24:56] eD! Thomas: So first thing that I actually love is there’s gonna be, you’re familiar with Continuity. The thing that lets you use, like your mouse, like Universal Control is the Continuity feature where you can use your mouse and keyboard and just go move right over to an iPad and blah, blah, blah, blah. All that shit. Yeah. Okay. So now they’re gonna have what’s called Continuity Camera. So you know how the webcams on every Mac are dog shit, but all the cameras on the iPhone are dope.

[00:25:24] Jeff Ritter: Yes.

[00:25:26] eD! Thomas: This has a feature that lets you clip your iPhone to your monitor, using a clip made by a third party like Belkin, and then you can use your iPhone as your webcam.

[00:25:39] Jeff Ritter: Really.

[00:25:40] eD! Thomas: Uhhuh.

[00:25:42] Jeff Ritter: Wow. That’s pretty cool. Now, does it have to be clipped to your monitor or can you put it anywhere? Like you would say a USB webcam.

[00:25:49] eD! Thomas: You could put it anywhere like a USB webcam.

[00:25:53] Jeff Ritter: Wow. Right.

[00:25:55] eD! Thomas: So here’s the part that I don’t understand the physics of, but I want to know, uh, the wide angle camera, as you know, gets a very wide shot, right. They have some dark magic trickery where you can switch to that and it will show the contents of your desk.

So you could do like a top down video.

[00:26:21] Jeff Ritter: How’s that possible?

[00:26:23] eD! Thomas: I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense. The physics of it blow my mind. It’s

[00:26:29] Jeff Ritter: man. Okay. Any word on if this Continuity thing would carry over to tvOS allowing you to use FaceTime on your Apple TV?

[00:26:41] eD! Thomas: No, there is no word on that. I don’t think it’s going to happen. There are rumors of a combined HomePod, Apple TV, FaceTime device that Apple’s working on, but there’s been rumors of that for years. So I think until that happens, you’re not gonna see that as a deal. Sure.

[00:27:02] Jeff Ritter: Oh, you know what though? You really, you could mirror your, you could mirror your laptop onto your TV, or I guess you could actually just mirror your phone onto the TV and put the phone onto the TV. Uh, yeah, that was stupid. There you go. We

[00:27:20] eD! Thomas: Look at us. It’s just solving problems left and right.

[00:27:25] Jeff Ritter: Were. Very good at it. It was that clip from Belkin and that made me think about mounting the phone to the top of the TV. Anyway. All right. Continue.

[00:27:35] eD! Thomas: Uh, so let’s talk, there’s gonna be updates to the Mail app, uh, where it like actually starts functioning like a new, like a relatively new mail app, as opposed to some dog shit from AOL. That’s pretty great. You’re gonna be able to send messages later. It’s gonna tell you if you’re like, oh, see the attachment, but you forgot attachments.

It’s gonna be like, “Yo buddy, slow down.” Uh, all that shit kind of cool. I use mail on the Mac cuz I like them stopping my pixels from being tracked. So that’s pretty dope. That’s also coming to iPadOS and iOS. Um, iCloud is getting a new feature called Shared Photo Library. So you can now share your yep.

Your photos and videos with other people in your family. You just be like, yo, if you’re in proximity to those people via Bluetooth LE it will automatically shoot things into there unless you tell it not to, uh, you can choose different people to like, if you know, it’ll do facial recognition and move those photos to, uh, shared library.

You can also set that as your default so that all of your pictures go there, which, uh, I feel like you shouldn’t do.

[00:28:46] Jeff Ritter: Thank don’t do that.

[00:28:48] eD! Thomas: There’s a lot of things I don’t need. Yeah. I don’t need, I don’t need people seeing how many pictures of French fries I take.

[00:28:54] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, that is Apple doing its part to set up sitcom writers with fucking premises. That is, that is exactly what that is. I

[00:29:04] eD! Thomas: That’s true. That is accurate.

[00:29:06] Jeff Ritter: Right now that Shared Photo Library is real high on my list as far as impressive. I love that.

[00:29:14] eD! Thomas: Yeah, I thought you would. I thought you would. And that’s obviously coming to all three devices. Um, but I wanted to get that out of the way so I can get to other fun things later. There’s going to be a clock app that lets you set timers on your Macs, pretty dope. I’m excited about that one. There’s going to be new dictation features so that like, if I’m sending you a text message and I’m having it dictated, it’s going to put in punctuation. I’m not gonna have to sit there and be like, “Yo you up question mark eggplant, emoji.”

And it’s gonna know what eggplant emoji means now, too. So that’s cool with any emoji, not just eggplant. That would be really weird. It’d be extremely specific to the, to the sexing without your

[00:29:55] Jeff Ritter: greatest Easter egg technologies ever seen though.

[00:29:58] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Uh, also, and this is this one’s gonna be, this one might be shocking. Are you sitting down? All right. There’s no more Settings app in Mac OS it’s now System Preferences. Like everything else. Nope. Hang on. Hang on. Let me rephrase that because I got it backwards. The Settings app is now gone, it’s now System Preferences. Like it is.

[00:30:29] Jeff Ritter: Uh, in

[00:30:32] eD! Thomas: Hold up.

Let me try

[00:30:33] Jeff Ritter: System Preferences gone and now it’s Setting.

[00:30:36] eD! Thomas: Yeah, yeah. That’s what I was trying to get to.

[00:30:40] Jeff Ritter: I loved

[00:30:40] eD! Thomas: Um, you know

[00:30:41] Jeff Ritter: on. Let’s let’s dwell for a

[00:30:43] eD! Thomas: Yeah, yeah. Let’s, let’s, I’m not editing that out. I don’t care. I don’t

[00:30:47] Jeff Ritter: You went that’s listen. That’s perfectly fine with me because you went completely offline with it. Complete opposite, corrected yourself and proceeded to say the fucking exact same thing.

The exact same thing. I’ve never heard you do that before.

[00:31:04] eD! Thomas: Folks, after four months, the cobwebs are gonna be there. I’m doing my best. Okay. Also, I don’t have a chair to sit and I’m standing this entire time,

[00:31:14] Jeff Ritter: I’m, I’m extremely, extremely happy that it happened.

[00:31:19] eD! Thomas: Oh, me too. I feel good. I feel like that has brought us closer together.

[00:31:22] Jeff Ritter: It did, it did. We’re gonna re we’re gonna rebuild these bridges.

[00:31:28] eD! Thomas: we are! So that is a lot of what’s coming to macOS Ventura. There’s this other feature called Stage Manager. And it’s a little weird to explain just like talking, but try to follow me if you will. Like, so you know how, like you have Spaces in macOS or you have different desktops and shit, and you can group apps into those? Well Stage Managers kind of like that, but it puts those little things on the left side of your screen, then your Dock on the bottom, and then you have the rest of the space to futz around with those apps.

It’s kind of weird and makes no sense on Macs to me. I’ll have to use it to try to figure it out. It seems really dumb, but it’s also coming to iPadOS, if you have a iPad with the M1 processor. So now we have full windowed, multitasking- ish sort of deal on the iPad.

[00:32:29] Jeff Ritter: Which iPads currently have the M1 processor.

[00:32:32] eD! Thomas: The Air and the Pro.

[00:32:34] Jeff Ritter: Okay. That’s what I, that’s what I thought a friend of mine was looking to replace his iPad. Uh, and I told him that I thought that the Air really was one of the better iPads that’s been made. Um, and if

[00:32:51] eD! Thomas: is. It’s very

[00:32:52] Jeff Ritter: You don’t need, if you don’t need the like absolute power of the Pro that the Air is is no, uh, it’s really no substitute teacher.

It’s a very, very good alternative. If you’d wanna save a few hundred bucks and don’t need like the peripheral functions.

[00:33:11] eD! Thomas: I gotta be honest with you. I got my Mom an Air and I kind of want to go give away my 11 inch Pro and get an Air cuz the color’s so pretty.

[00:33:21] Jeff Ritter: Yeah. I could find a home for your Pro if you need, if you need one, you let me.

[00:33:26] eD! Thomas: All right. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I appreciate you looking out for me

[00:33:30] Jeff Ritter: I’m always, always trying, bud. Um, yeah, no, let’s, let’s get back to it. What’s

next? Oh, okay.

[00:33:40] eD! Thomas: So just going back on to the Stage Manager, this is, uh, everybody’s been talking about windowed apps on the iPad for a bazillion years. People are pissed that it’s only gonna be the M1s. Uh, but that’s primarily because you can also connect to an external monitor and it acts like an external monitor now and fills up the whole screen.

It’s not just mirroring. So you can have with Stage Manager on just your iPad, it’s four apps. If you have it connected to a screen, it could be eight apps. So a lot of the bottleneck there is both how virtual memory works. It doesn’t work with the older, a 12 or a 15 or whatever chips. But also you can’t output that sort of video with the USBC monitor to be like five, six K.


[00:34:30] Jeff Ritter: Okay,

[00:34:30] eD! Thomas: I mean, a lot of people are upset. I don’t care because, uh, I have M1 iPad, so

[00:34:36] Jeff Ritter: so

[00:34:37] eD! Thomas: No, no, no shit on my dick folks.

[00:34:41] Jeff Ritter: Just go get an M1 iPad instead of fucking complaining, folks.

[00:34:45] eD! Thomas: Yeah, just go buy

[00:34:45] Jeff Ritter: We move,

[00:34:46] eD! Thomas: It’s not that hard. That’s how you do it. Um, you’re gonna get a full weather app on the iPad now, as opposed to having the weather widget and then hitting it and takes you to weather.com like a chump.

[00:35:02] Jeff Ritter: That is, that is some real fucking chump shit right there.

[00:35:05] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Just gross.

[00:35:10] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:35:11] eD! Thomas: Cool.

[00:35:12] Jeff Ritter: Cool. Good stuff.

[00:35:14] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Let’s talk a little iOS. Let’s get to my baby. My pretty. So, first thing, the most important thing to me, obviously, the Apple TV app can now display more information about sports games in your notifications, which is gonna be super handy for me,

[00:35:37] Jeff Ritter: Yes. I know you’ve been dying and you’ve been dying, waiting for that. Yep.

[00:35:42] eD! Thomas: Apple Pay is now going to have the ability to split up a payment over six weeks. So like if you’re buying something and you wanna like break it out, boom, you can do that directly through Apple. That’s actually Apple started their own subsidiary for financing for that, for doing credit checks and shit.

So that leads to sounding like there’s gonna be a whole lot of other weird shit they’re going to be doing with plans. Like the Everything Upgrade plan, where you can just like always have the new Mac. You can always have a new iPad and all the rest of this shit, which would be interesting. Just, yeah, I mean, I already do so why not just make it more official? Uh, let’s talk Messages for a second. There’s going to be two big updates to Messages. The first is that you are now going to be able to unsend a message.

[00:36:41] Jeff Ritter: Yes!

[00:36:42] eD! Thomas: Second, you’re going to be able to edit your messages.

[00:36:47] Jeff Ritter: What?

[00:36:48] eD! Thomas: So like if you said, uh, “Yo sexy pants, you wanna get to this meeting,” to your least favorite coworker, and you’re really meant to say “Stewart” instead of “sexy pants,” you can then go in and edit. So it doesn’t say sexy pants. It’s just a Stewart.

[00:37:05] Jeff Ritter: Oh man. Okay.

[00:37:07] eD! Thomas: It’ll say that it’s edited underneath that. I don’t think there’s a way of looking at the edit history, but I don’t know that for sure. Um, but.

[00:37:15] Jeff Ritter: Still think that that’s pretty goddamn cool though.

[00:37:17] eD! Thomas: Yeah, it’s pretty good. It’s pretty good.

[00:37:21] Jeff Ritter: I don’t have to, I don’t have to live with the shame of my typos cuz my friends are brutal. When you spell something wrong.

[00:37:30] eD! Thomas: That’s true. We’re all pieces of shit.

[00:37:32] Jeff Ritter: Gotta be real quick. Gotta be real quick with the edits though.

[00:37:35] eD! Thomas: Yeah, you do. You do.

Maps now has multi-stop routing. So instead of saying, “Hey, I want to go to my friend’s house in Kentucky,” I could say, “Hey, I want to go to the Roy Rogers in New Jersey and then go to my friend’s house in Kentucky.” Would’ve been very handy a couple of weeks ago.

CarPlay is getting a bit of an update in style for normal cars, but they’re also going to be doing a thing where they are going to have an API where car manufacturers can have all of their screens taken over by CarPlay. And then things like the speedometer, the temperature controls, everything else can be handled by CarPlay.

And it looks kind of cool. And also looks like they’re sitting there being like in a couple years, they’re gonna be like, “Hey, did you like how CarPlay took over your BMW? Do you want that a car that also charges by a Lightning port?”

[00:38:29] Jeff Ritter: Oh,

[00:38:30] eD! Thomas: It’s only gonna take four weeks for your car to charge, but that’s yeah. And

[00:38:35] Jeff Ritter: It goes six miles per charge. It takes 376 hours to hit a full charge. And it is $279,000.

But if you buy it on your Apple Card, you can pay weekly.

[00:38:54] eD! Thomas: Yeah. For five weeks. Uh, we didn’t, we couldn’t get that sixth week to work, but

[00:39:00] Jeff Ritter: No, no. It’s five five, weeks.

[00:39:04] eD! Thomas: So the biggest change here and the change that I’m actually kind of stoked for is the lock screen. The lock screen is now going to, first of all, you can customize the font that’s used for time. There’s a bunch of new effects where like, even if you didn’t take a picture in portrait mode, iOS is gonna be able to see where the outline of somebody is. So if like I have a picture of my dog and I wanna put his head in front of the time, it’ll do that. Um, there’s also going to be widgets, just like complications on your Watch that you can add.

[00:39:40] Jeff Ritter: Oh my God.

[00:39:42] eD! Thomas: Under the time.

[00:39:44] Jeff Ritter: That is fucking awesome.

[00:39:46] eD! Thomas: Yeah, it is, it is. Notifications now, but because you know, all that’s happening in the top half notifications would just blow up the screen, but now they will all be, first of all, at the bottom half of the screen, they will load up instead of down, which makes sense for the rumor that there’s going to be instead of an iPhone Mini next year, there’s going to be two iPhone Maxes, uh, iPhone max, and an iPhone Pro Max.

Um, so having a bigger phone, getting your notifications down there makes more sense. They yeah.

[00:40:21] Jeff Ritter: Is that the, you said next year, like twenty, twenty three or next phone model year?

[00:40:27] eD! Thomas: Next phone model year,

[00:40:29] Jeff Ritter: So like this September.

[00:40:31] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:40:32] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:40:33] eD! Thomas: There’s also going to be a new type of notification called Live Activity. And that will be for things like sports scores, where it could just update instead of them sending you 27 notifications, like, “Oh yeah, the Knicks are losing more. They’re losing even more. Holy shit, how much can the Knicks lose?” That will just be one notification now instead of 500 per.

[00:40:57] Jeff Ritter: That’s nice.

[00:40:58] eD! Thomas: Uh, yeah, it it’ll also work with things like Uber showing you where your rides come from, uh, your Starbucks order, basically anything that needs to send you updating information will just show up on the bottom.

Yeah, it’s pretty dope. What I love though is just like with your Watch faces, you’re going to be able to switch between different types of lock screens. So if you wanna set up 500 different lock screens with 500 different types of widgets and just swipe through ’em, you can. Even more. Yeah. Even more than that.

So I, I don’t know if you remember my biggest complaint about Focus modes, which is, it was only that you could say like, oh, I want to get notifications from these, this thing, but I can’t say I wanna get notifications from everything but this? One that is now allowed, it will be opt in or opt out. Two, and here’s where I get so nerd horny, you can set different lock faces, lock screens to different focus modes. So you can just change your focus mode by swiping. This is going to change everything about how I use my phone.

[00:42:13] Jeff Ritter: That

[00:42:14] eD! Thomas: I am

[00:42:14] Jeff Ritter: that really is,

[00:42:15] eD! Thomas: ready for it. Yeah. It’s gonna be great. and all the same shit about like different home screens for different focus modes still there.

So everything else just ties into focus modes. What also happens with that is like with Mail, if you’re in the Personal focus mode, it can filter out all of your work, email,

[00:42:35] Jeff Ritter: Oh my God.

[00:42:37] eD! Thomas: Same

[00:42:37] Jeff Ritter: that means I have to go back to using, I was gonna say that means I have to go back to using the Mail app, huh?

[00:42:42] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, they did make a API for other people to get into that. And they did talk about like Outlook. Um, I don’t know if they were just using that as example or like Microsoft’s actually working on it, but that’s, to me is just

[00:43:01] Jeff Ritter: That is unbelievable.

[00:43:03] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:43:04] Jeff Ritter: You know I would be fine using the Mail app if the all in one inbox was as good as Sparks.

[00:43:12] eD! Thomas: It’s gotten a lot better.

[00:43:14] Jeff Ritter: I don’t have to check it out.

[00:43:16] eD! Thomas: You know what I want, I just want on the desktop, they have smart folders where you can have things that are just like, like I have two email accounts that are filtered through a thing called SaneBox. So it automatically filters my email for me. So I have two different folders that are called Sane Later.

And two different folders are called Sane News and two different folders that are called Newsletters. On iOS, I have to go through each of those folders. On my Mac, I can have a smart folder that combines all of those into just three different folders. I want that on iOS and on iPadOS, just make my life easier.

[00:43:49] Jeff Ritter: Yeah, right. What are we

[00:43:53] eD! Thomas: Lord. Get your shit together. Ugh. Also on iOS, we’re going to be, uh, live, text the thing where you can scan text with the camera app and, you know, take the text out and copy it and paste it. That’s going to now include, um, like conversion. So if you take a picture of something in euros, you can convert it to USD.

[00:44:21] Jeff Ritter: Oh my God. Really?

[00:44:22] eD! Thomas: Yeah, what’s super awesome is there’s also going to be a improvement to what’s called visual lookup, which is also kind of part of live text, but it’s like the same thing that lets your, the picture of Sunshine ha be of in front of the, uh, time.

And then the time and the background, it can sit there and pull out Sunshine from the background and just make it a picture of your dog. And you can let’s copy it into Messages and send it.

[00:44:54] Jeff Ritter: really?

[00:44:54] eD! Thomas: mm-hmm

[00:44:56] Jeff Ritter: Oh my God. This is

[00:44:57] eD! Thomas: no No, banana pants apps that you have to sit there and be like, oh, go figure out how to take out the background.

It’s just like, oh yeah, this is where that person is. Peel it off like a sticker. Throw it somewhere.

[00:45:08] Jeff Ritter: That is that’s awesome. Now all I need them to do is get me a, get me a video mode where I can take the wide screen video and. Uh, natively upload it to Instagram.

[00:45:26] eD! Thomas: That would be nice. Live text will work in video now, too, though, just so that you have that in

[00:45:33] Jeff Ritter: Oh, I gotta see what I, that’s pretty impressive. That’s pretty crazy. When is it? When is iOS 16? Do when the new phones are coming.

[00:45:43] eD! Thomas: Yeah. So it is, it’ll be wide released in September, the public beta will be coming out next month in July.

[00:45:50] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:45:51] eD! Thomas: Which is when I’ll obviously have it

[00:45:53] Jeff Ritter: So is that

[00:45:54] eD! Thomas: Oh!

[00:45:55] Jeff Ritter: So,

[00:45:56] eD! Thomas: One other thing! One other thing in Messages that I

[00:45:59] Jeff Ritter: Okay.

[00:46:00] eD! Thomas: You can mark messages unread. So like if you

[00:46:06] Jeff Ritter: So if you accidentally open one,

[00:46:09] eD! Thomas: Yeah, yeah. I can mark it back as being unread. So that this way I don’t forget for four days to respond back to you. I’m sorry, Mom. Geez.

[00:46:19] Jeff Ritter: I do that all the time. That’s awesome. That’s awesome that you can do that. Yeah,

[00:46:27] eD! Thomas: Uh, they’ve also redesigned the home app. It looks like it actually will be functional now. That’s cool. And, uh, yeah. And on a more serious note, there’s going to be a thing where if like you’re sharing an iCloud account with like an abusive spouse or partner or whatever, you’re gonna be able to disconnect everything, but the device you have, so you can get outta there without them being able to stalk you, which is pretty dope. Yeah.

[00:46:52] Jeff Ritter: Damn damn. That’s uh, I mean, that’s a, that’s awesome. It’s very sad that something like that has to exist, but, but that is pretty awesome that they, that they are doing that.

[00:47:06] eD! Thomas: So now are you ready to get, um, first confused and then mad?

[00:47:12] Jeff Ritter: Wow. Yeah, I guess so. But you covered that was a lot of stuff and a lot of it I’m very impressed with.

[00:47:19] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. It was a good WWC this year. It was real good, but let’s talk about Apple Silicon cause last like 18 months ago, they announced the M1, which as we all know, first of all, blew away a whole bunch of processors, but is also going to be the worst processor they’ve ever released because it’s the first one and it’s still so good. Well at WWC, they announced the M2, the M2 will be coming to two computers. The first one is a MacBook Pro 13 inch. It looks exactly like last year’s MacBook Pro 13 inch. It’s got the Touch Bar. It’s got the rounded corners. It’s got two USBC ports.

Don’t buy it. Just don’t. Don’t do that to yourself. Get, go to a 14 inch. That’s a hundred dollars or $200 more, or get an I, uh, of MacBook Air.

Speaking of the MacBook Air, here we go. They’re going to be releasing next month, a new M2 version of the MacBook Air.

[00:48:28] Jeff Ritter: Oh for pitch.

[00:48:29] eD! Thomas: I should probably talk a little bit about the M2, uh, first, first of all, it’s available as an eight or 10 core CPU. It can have up to 24 gigs of unified memory as opposed to 16. There’s improvements in the graphics card, all that shit, you know, it’s, it’s an incremental change. It’s only supposed to be like 20% faster, but based on where we started, that’s insane.

Right? So let’s talk about the MacBook Air. Now, when you think about the MacBook Air, it’s been the same more or less since it came out, you know, fat butt tapers down through nice, thin bottom, super thin, fits into a Manila envelope, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The MacBook Air has been completely redesigned.

[00:49:19] Jeff Ritter: Son of a bitch.

[00:49:21] eD! Thomas: No longer tapers. It is just a flat surface. It’s 11.3 millimeters thick, which is still if I recall correctly, less than the fat end of last year’s MacBook Air, but it’s 11.3 millimeters thick throughout. 2.7 pounds. It’s designed like the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros. So it’s got the notch.

[00:49:46] Jeff Ritter: Oh, So the it’s got the full screen

[00:49:49] eD! Thomas: Yeah, yeah. It is a 13.6 inch display, which is slightly larger than the 13.2 that was on the MacBook Air. It has two Thunderbolt ports, just like the old MacBook Air. It also has MagSafe, which look, I know it doesn’t mean that much because you still charged through USBC. But let me tell you when I was away, I haven’t used MagSafe cuz at my desk, I just plug it into my monitor and it charges. I used MagSafe when I went away last week and it was beautiful in my friend’s cat was jumping around and landed on the cable. And if it was on a USBC cable that computer would’ve fallen down. It was not, it was on MagSafe. So it just unpopped and it was great. And then the cat looked at me like “I’m so sorry!” And I was like, “It’s okay.” And then I picked it up and it purred on my chest for three hours. Good cat. I almost stole that cat.

That cat is, I love her to death. Uh, anyway, uh, this is all on the left side. There’s also a headphone jack with support for high impedance headphones. Just like the MacBook Pro. The screen is only 60 Hertz refresh rate, not 120, like the MacBook Pros. So that’s a little bit of a downside. Uh, it does get brighter.

It has 500 nets of brightness. I think your Air has 400 .

[00:51:03] Jeff Ritter: Uh, I think so

[00:51:05] eD! Thomas: So it’s a bit brighter.

So how are you feeling so far?

[00:51:10] Jeff Ritter: I’m already, I’m already wondering what the trade in, on my, on my Air is. I, I, and this is gonna get real. It’s just about to get really bad. I get fucking pissed. Aren’t I.

[00:51:22] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, you are. Yeah, you are. So the new MacBook Air comes in four color options:

[00:51:31] Jeff Ritter: Oh, son of a bitch. Yeah,

[00:51:33] eD! Thomas: Silver and Space Gray, as we all knew. Then you have Starlight, which is a, like a goldish thing, depending on the angle that you’re looking at, it looks kind of nice and, uh, a little something called Midnight, which is a dark blue with a matching braided MagSafe cable.

[00:52:06] Jeff Ritter: When is the… I’m so fucking angry right now. I am. I am so… I’m so angry right now. Cause you know what’s funny? I told you I got the gold, right? I got the gold I, the, the gold MacBook. It’s not fucking gold. It’s it’s copper at best. And I don’t… I’ve it’s bothered me. It’s bothered me. Now you’re telling me… how much is this?

When is this come out?

[00:52:32] eD! Thomas: Comes out next month. Um, it starts at $1199.

[00:52:38] Jeff Ritter: All right. That’s not that bad. That’s not the one I’m gonna get. I’m sure.

[00:52:41] eD! Thomas: No, no, no, no. Neither of us are getting that one. No, um, yeah, this is a real, uh, that’s real problem that we have, you and I. More, more so you than me because I can justify buying another computer. Uh, cuz the only person I have to answer to is me.

[00:53:06] Jeff Ritter: Footprint wise, is it bigger or smaller than the like closed? Will it fit in the exact same

[00:53:13] eD! Thomas: I think it’ll fit in the exact same case. Uh, let me double check that though.

[00:53:18] Jeff Ritter: Son of a bitch? Oh, look at this. I I’m

[00:53:21] eD! Thomas: So what you’re saying is I was right. All right. Cool, cool, cool.

[00:53:27] Jeff Ritter: I’m yeah, I’m obviously not mad at you. I am furious. I am furious about this fucking apple about this, uh, uh, MacBook Air. Sorry.

[00:53:39] eD! Thomas: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh,

[00:53:44] Jeff Ritter: Oh my God. And the trade in value is so low.

[00:53:48] eD! Thomas: Yeah. That’s my biggest problem. All of the computers I have have dropped trade in value by like $500 a piece. I’m furious about that, but what can you do. Life, man? You know? Let’s see here, physical size, 8.46 by 11 9, 7, uh, 8.36 is a little bit deeper. And the same width.

[00:54:31] Jeff Ritter: Does, wait, does the MacBook air now have a 1080p FaceTime camera?

[00:54:36] eD! Thomas: Air currently has a 720.

[00:54:38] Jeff Ritter: 720. Alright, so the new one has a 1080.

[00:54:41] eD! Thomas: Yeah. You also have a choice of three different chargers: a fast charge, 67 wat charger, a 30 wat regular charger, that is just the standard, or a 35 wat dual charger that has two USBC ports on it. And it looks cute.

[00:55:00] Jeff Ritter: Which one is the, which one is the MagSafe charger?

[00:55:05] eD! Thomas: What do you mean?

[00:55:07] Jeff Ritter: Like is the MagSafe on, like, if you get the 30 wa USBC power adapter, that’s a

[00:55:13] eD! Thomas: MagSafe is now just a cable. So it goes USBC to MagSafe. So

[00:55:17] Jeff Ritter: That’s what I’m, that’s what I’m saying. Okay. That’s what I was wondering. Okay.

[00:55:21] eD! Thomas: but if you

want it

[00:55:22] Jeff Ritter: for 20 bucks more,

[00:55:24] eD! Thomas: you

[00:55:24] Jeff Ritter: yeah, 20 bucks more for the fast charge.

[00:55:26] eD! Thomas: Yeah.

[00:55:27] Jeff Ritter: It’s only 20.

[00:55:29] eD! Thomas: it’s only $20 and it is worth, it’ll go to 50% in 30 minutes.

[00:55:36] Jeff Ritter: All right, well…

[00:55:37] eD! Thomas: But hey, if anybody wants a 16 inch Pro, uh, I’ll be selling that in about a month. So that’ll be cool. Good times. Good times.

[00:55:48] Jeff Ritter: Would you be interested in trading that 16 inch for a 13 inch air with an chip?

[00:55:56] eD! Thomas: Um, oh, with the M1 chip?

[00:56:01] Jeff Ritter: Yeah,

[00:56:01] eD! Thomas: No, I’m gonna pass on that. Thanks though. Appreciate it.

[00:56:04] Jeff Ritter: Fair enough.

[00:56:05] eD! Thomas: Yeah, it was a good, it was a nice offer of you.

[00:56:08] Jeff Ritter: I thought we could make it work. Um, I don’t remember what I was gonna say. I’m I am completely lost. I’m completely sidetracked. I am so OBS. You were, I am. You were so right though. Like you were so right. Cuz when you started talking about, when you started talking about some of the, some of the iOS stuff and like the shared photo and stuff, I I’m thinking I’m like, this is.

So I, I started first. I was like, oh, that sounds the thing that he’s saying is gonna make me mad. Sounds like it’s a, a good kind of mad then when you started mentioning these things, I’m like, oh wait, this might be like a real, like a mad kind of like a real mad mad, because this stuff’s not really gonna get better from here.

And I, and you were right. I mean, this is a mad, mad, this is a, I’m excited that it’s coming. I’m F I’m furious because I really haven’t made enough use out of my MacBook that I have now to, to either a get the new one or B justified, not just waiting a little while longer and getting it. So I am very upset.

[00:57:21] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Mm. I kind of knew you would be.

[00:57:23] Jeff Ritter: I’m very, very upset.

[00:57:25] eD! Thomas: But, you know, listen, it’s, it is what it is. You got, you gotta recognize where your heart is going to lead you. And my heart is always going to lead me to a dark blue computer every single

[00:57:38] Jeff Ritter: I know. I know. And it’s not it’s it’s that is the icing.

[00:57:44] eD! Thomas: Mm-hmm

[00:57:45] Jeff Ritter: there’s there’s a number of other reasons to do it.

[00:57:50] eD! Thomas: And mind you, I have absolutely no use for this computer at this point. I use my 16 inch and I use my iPads. Uh, and that’s, that’s it. I don’t

[00:58:01] Jeff Ritter: No, you have no,

[00:58:02] eD! Thomas: Nothing, no

[00:58:04] Jeff Ritter: Except that it’s blue

[00:58:05] eD! Thomas: Except that it’s blue and I deserve something pretty.

[00:58:11] Jeff Ritter: I think would the smart thing be to wait and see if they release MacBook Pros in colors.

[00:58:17] eD! Thomas: Probably, but the MacBook Air was always my favorite one.

[00:58:21] Jeff Ritter: I know. And it’s now in your color. Yeah. I, I hear you. There’s nothing you can do. Let’s not even pretend.

[00:58:27] eD! Thomas: No, there’s nothing. This is it. This is the end of the line. Yeah. So there you go. That is WWDC. That’s it. That’s all I got for you besides my undying love and affection.

[00:58:41] Jeff Ritter: That was quite the rollercoaster. You did well.

[00:58:44] eD! Thomas: Thank you.

[00:58:45] Jeff Ritter: You did well.

[00:58:46] eD! Thomas: I’m glad if we were gonna come back that we came back with this

[00:58:50] Jeff Ritter: I, yeah, you, I I’ve referred to you multiple times as my technology sherpa, my, my tech Norge, if you will,

[00:59:00] eD! Thomas: and I will.

[00:59:03] Jeff Ritter: And you have lived up to the hype

more so even than the WWDC, you DC,

[00:59:11] eD! Thomas: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that.

[00:59:14] Jeff Ritter: My compliments to the chef friend.

[00:59:17] eD! Thomas: You’re so pretty. All right, man. So, I’m gonna run cuz I am tired and I’ve got a podcast to edit, that’s a new feeling.

[00:59:29] Jeff Ritter: Like impending doom.

[00:59:31] eD! Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. I just felt my butthole clenched just a little tighter. It’s gonna be sweet. Really work, really working those rectals!