eD (Awesome)
And Jeff, the human personification of cash money!
And Dave, who is kinda useless tbh.

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Room-Temperature WWDC Takes

Nearly Coherent

Just some Apple Sluts talking about some Apple things.

  • None Like It Hot

    The only podcast brave enough to spoil the 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell movie “Overboard” without warning ’cause we’re the bad boys of the internet.

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  • The Olean of Illness

    Were you looking for a podcast to bone to this Valentine’s Day? Look no further!

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  • A Nearly Coherent Thanksgiving

    eD! and Jeff talk about Thanksgiving food preferences, feelings on parades, weird eyebrows, eD!’s teeth, and all sorts of other crap!

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  • If You Listen Carefully, You can Hear Our Wallets Screaming in the Background

    eD! and Jeff discuss all the happenings at the September Apple Event!

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